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6 Causes Of Dark Under Eye Dark Circles According To A Dermatologist scaled

6 Causes Of Dark Under Eye Dark Circles, According To A Dermatologist

  • Aug 11, 2022

They say eyes are the windows to the soul! However, the fast and hectic lifestyle choices give us many eye troubles. One such issue is under eye dark circles that team at Cosmesurge deals frequently. And if you are looking for the best treatment for dark eye circles, then first educate yourself on the issue.

What Are Under Eye Dark Circles?

When a child is born, their skin is flawless. With many factors, one gets dark circles under the eye! The under-eye skin darkens, and the stark contrast looks odd and uneven. The most common factor is lack of sleep and tiredness. As lifestyles change and people opt to stay up all night or work beyond their limits, their skin shows exhaustion.
Additionally, people with darker skins have higher chances of getting dark circles. The hyperpigmentation instigates a prominent changed look of the person with under-eye dark circles that is not flattering. Generally, these under eye-circles are not dangerous and with little lifestyle changes one can minimize them

Why Do You Want To Get Rid Of Dark Circles?

Raccoon eyes are just a reference left for humor. Nobody wants to sport those heavy under eye bags for simple reasons of vanity!

  • It makes you look older, or people assume that you are old.
  • Under eye bags or dark circles give away that you have a stressful lifestyle.
  • The mere presence of dark circles makes you extra conscious while doing make-up or stepping out of the house and you want an easy way to remove dark circles.

We spoke to many dermatologists to find out what causes of dark circles under the eyes. We learned that major causes are

  • Hyperpigmentation or dark color of the under eye skin.
  • Increased blood vessels that are visible through the thin under eye skin in a bluish hue.
  • Tear troughs or hollows in the under eye area, which comes with the loss of sub orbicularis oculi fat, thus casting a shadow on the under eye skin and making it look dark.

What Causes Under Eye Dark Circles

There are many reasons behind the under eye circles and one might have more than one playing up in the case of dark circles.


Hereditary dark circles are carried forward via DNA. With all care of hydration, diet, sleep and rest hours if you still have under eye circles, it is safe to say that your genetics have done this.

How To Treat Genetic Under Eye Circles

You can consult for a good PRP session. Furthermore, start using sunblock religiously as well as a good night cream to plump up with hyaluronic acid.


Let’s be honest we are not Benjamin Buttons. Slowly our body degenerates and slows down. If you think the circles are caused by aging just stretch the under eye skin between 2 fingers. Does the pigmentation appear lighter?
If yes, then it is caused by lack of fullness and aging factors!

  • With aging, the skin under your eyes gradually loses its structure, causing the eyes to appear more sunken.
  • Darkness under the eye that looks hollow is shadowing caused by complexion changes.
  • The lack of fullness is associated with normal skin aging.
  • The low-fat layers under the eyes further reduce with age.
  • Skin elasticity is lost and the dark blood vessels under the skin start to get prominent, eventually making under eye circles visible to all.

How To Fight Aging Effects On Under Eye Dark Circles

Many cosmetic procedures remove dark eye circles permanently. The treatments to remove eye bags and dark shades can only be best advised by a dermatologist. However, if you are in your twenties, you can follow a few techniques to increase your skin’s health.

  • Dermatologists can treat under eye hollowness with injectable fillers.
  • Try to moisturize the sensitive thin skin whenever possible.
  • Eat your collagen.
  • Increase the use of antioxidants.

Stress And Lack Of Sleep

Dark circles caused by the pooling of blood under the eyes (and thus, lack of sleep) have a blue to purple-ish tint. They are also more likely to be accompanied by puffiness.The stress in life can give your beauty a decline. Ditch the bad habits such as

  • Late-night habits of staying up
  • Oversleeping
  • Straining your eyes with constant TV and phone
  • The dark circles when you’re tired are due to the widening of blood vessels near the skin surface.

How To Fight SleepEffects On Under Eye Dark Circles

An individual must follow their sleep cycle, sleep hours, and work-life balance in the best way to look young and feel best!


An adult body is made up of 60% of water. Dehydration is the evil root cause of many troubles. The lack of water dehydrates the skin and makes the skin look dark and dull. As a result, one sees a sunken pair of eyes.

How To Fight Dehydration Effects On Under Eye Dark Circles

  • Develop a habit of drinking water to get rid of dark circles quickly.
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body so limit the use of alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes.
  • Use an under eye cream with hyaluronic acid. This powerful ingredient hydrates and plumps up the skin.

Hyperpigmentation & Allergies

The increase in melanin production due to sun exposure may also give you dark circles. These circles are brown instead of black. Furthermore, when you look in a mirror and tilt your head up toward the light, and if the dark circles remain you have a case of hyperpigmentation!

Treatment Of Sun Exposed Under Eye Circles

  • Use a brightening under eye cream to repair the hyperpigmented skin.
  • Make sure to apply sunblock for an even skin tone.

Few people have heard of allergies causing under eye circles. But nasal congestion can do that. The excess fluid swells up the tissues and blood vessels around the nose. These swollen veins dilate and darken, leading to darkness and puffiness.

Treatment Of Allergy-Related Under Eye Circles

  • Seek help from the doctor to decongest.
  • A complete treatment to fix allergies will ensure a healthier you and reduced eye bags.
  • Use eye products with caffeine that helps remove puffiness and helps remove excess fluid.

Excessive Rubbing

The delicate thin skin under the eyes when rubbed excessively leads to broken blood vessels and give dark circles under eyes.Patients with atopic eczema or seborrheic blepharitis rub the skin vigorously to alleviate the skin itch. These under eye circles are uniform and cover a larger area, consistent with your fingers rubbing at your eyes

Treatment Of Eczema Related Under Eye Circles

A topical application of steroids or moisturizers will help in curbing this issue.


Dermatologists have been successful not only in listing down the causes of under eye circles, but thanks to many fillers, and needling techniques they can reduce under eye circles.

There are also treatments to uplift the skin and remove under eye bags effectively. It depends on the patient’s history and medical conditions as to how dermatologists resolve their issues effectively! There are a few more tips to help you reduce and remove the eye circles that we shared with our fraternity.

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