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5 In-Office Treatments for Under Eye Rejuvenation

  • May 19, 2021

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Naturally, the areas around the eyes play a vital role in determining your looks.

The upper portion of the face is refreshed and brightened up when you rejuvenate the area surrounding the eyes. This enables a more young and supple look for your entire face.

Sun damage, thinning skin and facial expressions can take a toll on the delicate areas around the eyes. This can lead to cosmetic issues which can take place at any age. This accelerates the premature aging of the face and this can be experienced at any age.

Eye Rejuvenation treatments can prevent all that. And the best part is that these are all in-office treatments for both men and women that call for little to no downtime.

Here are 5 In-Office Treatments for Eye Rejuvenation. Take a look.

  • Muscle Relaxants Usually, cosmetic specialists almost always suggest that you should address the quality and look of the skin separately. Muscle relaxants are one of the most preferred treatments for under-eye rejuvenation. It softens the animation response or exaggerated muscles around the eyes to a great extent. After that, micro-needling, chemical peels or laser sessions can be used to lighten or tighten the skin. Muscles relaxants address the fine lines while lasers and peels can tighten the skin after smoothening the wrinkles out. Together, the treatments target multiple problem areas to ensure comprehensive positive results.
  • Peels Chemical peels have proven to be extremely effective for doing away with superficial wrinkles by resurfacing the skin under the eyes. The peels are designed for removing the top layer of the skin under the eye for revealing a newer and smoother layer of skin so that the wrinkles are much less prominent.
  • Hyaluronic Acid fillers Injectable fillers can improve the most common under-eye issues. This involves pronounced tear troughs, dark circles, hollowed skin and sagging skin below the eyes. The specialist usually administers the natural hyaluronic acid after the application of anesthesia in the tear trough area. The results are immediate as the area gets filled up with a solution almost immediately. The under-eye fillers call for an experienced injector to be administered. But keep in mind that there are several blood vessels in the delicate area under the eyes and the skin is extremely thin there, too. Due to blood pooling, there can be darkness and swelling after the treatment. This can give the patients a bruised appearance, but it is temporary. Though harmless, moderate bruising of the eyes can last from 10 to 14 days and so you should refrain from going for this treatment right before a big event. You must be careful with under-eye fillers as these should not be used to overfill the area. This will cause an unattractive bulge. To avoid that, it is always recommended to go for a reputed facility and certified specialist for this treatment.
  • Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) You may have come across PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss and facial rejuvenation. But this can also be used under the eyes. The tired look can be improved with PRP. The plasma can be injected either alone or mixed into fillers for enhanced results. The growth factors are released by platelets that signal the surrounding cells to repair the damaged tissues and regenerate the new tissues. The results are smoothed wrinkles, stronger skin and an overall refreshed look.
  • Laser and Radiofrequency For minor under-eye wrinkles on the top skin layer, laser resurfacing is often used. These are like chemical peels. By breaking down the epidermis on the top layer of the skin, the laser beam stimulates the new collagen to grow in the next layer.

    Radiofrequency (RF) is for those patients whose skin type is not suitable for lasers. RF uses energy to stimulate the skin which can be a great alternative. Radiofrequency is capable of addressing wrinkles, fine lines and under-eye bags. It improves the quality of the skin by stimulating elastin and collagen production.

    These are some of the in-office under-eye rejuvenation treatments that can give you a whole new look by tightening muscles, eliminating excess skin and repositioning fat in your under-eye area. This will ensure long-lasting and natural-looking desirable results with minimum downtime.

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