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tips for mom on the go

Easy Skincare Routine for Moms Constantly on the Go

Skincare should be a regime that every woman should follow. Easier said than done. Hundreds of tasks wait for a woman’s
attention at home and workplace. Hence, skincare gets conveniently pushed behind by several women because they
prioritize other tasks over skincare. Therefore, simple tricks of skincare that are easy to do even on the go are the
most desired ones in the world today. Lengthy sessions in the parlour are not possible for moms constantly on the go.
So, finding a way out that is both simple and time-saving serves the purpose for them today. Setting aside a few minutes
for yourself is the most deserving treat for the skin that can show amazing results in the long run.
understands the requirements of moms in the fast-paced world today. Juggling with the office and home schedule is a huge
challenge that she faces every day. Moreover, taking care of kids is not a piece of cake either. But with a simple
skincare regime, mom on the go can emerge a superwoman:

Here is a list of skincare indulgences for women on the

  • Bid farewell to bad habits Sleeping with make-up is the worst mistake any woman can
    commit. Make-up clogs the pores leading to skin woes. Hence, keeping a cleanser handy at night is one of the
    best habits that busy moms should develop. Make-up remover wipes are also easily available in the market. If you
    are an online shopper, read the reviews about the product and order one for yourself.
    Ensure changing your
    bed pillow at regular intervals because the pillow comes in close contact with the face, and pillow covers can
    contribute to skin woes. Hence change bed linens regularly.
  • Diet Taking care of
    nutrition is an important step towards having flawless skin. Diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health
    quotient of the body. Working women/moms should always carry nuts, healthy crackers, and protein or granola bars
    in their purses, as they can easily binge on such products whenever they encounter hunger pangs on the go.
  • Four components of skincare No matter how busy you are, following the simple trick can help
    you develop good skin.

    • Protection Skin needs protection against the sun\’s
      harmful UV rays as it can damage the upper layer of the skin and lead to tanning, rashes, and aging. The
      most important protection that you can give to your skin against the sun\’s harmful rays is wearing
      sunscreen with adequate SPF for protection.
    • Hydration Water is the ideal
      way to keep your skin hydrated. Ensure drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. Water is your best
      buddy when you have to maintain hydration in the body. Always keep water stocked in your car while you
      go to work. Keeping a small handy bottle in your bag is also a great idea.
    • Cleansing Secretion of oil in the skin is a natural process. Sweat and dirt further
      intensify the problem and acts as a catalyst contributing to skin woes. The easiest way to handle the
      issue is by washing the face with a face wash (as per skin type) to ensure regular skin cleaning.
    • Exfoliate Removing dead skin cells is an essential factor to keep the skin happy.
      As the dead skin cells on the upper layer of the skin are removed, new and supple cells surface to give
      a renewed and fresh look to the skin. Hence, regular exfoliation is a must for developing soft and
      supple skin.
  • Moisturized It is essential to keep the skin
    happy through moisturization. Dry skin condition contributes to aging woes. Moreover, the hands are exposed to
    hard work during the day at home and in the office. Hence, keeping the hands moisturized is essential to
    maintain their softness. Washing utensils make the hands dry, and dryness aids in the loss of natural oil. So,
    keep a moisturizer handy in your purse while you are on the go. Apply it twice or thrice during the day to
    maintain skincare.
  • Exercise Yoga and Meditation have the power to calm the mind,
    and a calm mind will reflect its magic on the skin. There are facial yoga asanas that help in maintaining good
    skin and a youthful look. A few yoga asanas for the face are so simple that moms can do it anytime, even while
    sitting on the chair while doing office work.

A word of advice

Everything in this
world goes smoothly only if consistency is maintained. Hence, skincare is a consistent habit. Do it once, and then
forgetting or postponing the regime is of no help. Neither, it takes a truckload of time to follow the simple skincare
tricks. It is super easy and not time-consuming. Giving yourself a little time is the least that can do for your skin
and one of the most deserving. So, do not ignore or delay following the regime. Focussing on the right things to do will
help you achieve youthful skin for a longer time.
It is a good idea to give yourself some me-time. A happy mom can
keep her family happy too! So, adopt the simple tips and tricks in your daily regime and boost your skin happiness

Final Thoughts

CosmeSurge is a UAE-based largest cosmetology chain that offers special cosmetic
treatments to customers that help them develop a great body, skin, and face. The specialists in the clinic also
recommend the adoption of simple skincare habits that aid in developing good skin keeping skin woes at bay. The hectic
life of mom’s strips health from the skin if not maintained or looked after. So, indulging in the simple tricks and
making these a habit is a great idea for the skin’s happiness.

7 mistakes of aging

7 Easily Overlooked Anti-Aging Mistakes You’re Making

Aging is a natural process. Human body, skin, mind all age with time. The overall maintenance of the body includes the best skin care tips also. But often, we are ill-informed or ignorant about the right regime and end up doing things that prove harmful to our skin. The most important rule that can help prevent skin against aging is a proper skincare regime that starts after 30. Yes, the skin elasticity begins to reduce after 30 leading to skin-related issues and the onset of fine lines or wrinkles.

Have you ever thought that what happens if you ignore your skin?

Hence, it is better to start with a proper skincare routine at the right age. Even simple tips and tricks can make a huge impact. But before understanding the requirements of a skincare regime, it is most important to examine the mistakes that we often make that adds to our aging skin woes. Here are a couple of anti-aging mistakes that we overlook.

  • Not using sunscreen If you consider buying sunscreen a wasteful expenditure, then you are probably inviting wrinkles, tanning, fine lines, and other issues for your skin. The sun\’s harmful UV rays play a damaging impact upon our skin yielding rashes, tan, and wrinkles on the skin. Ensure to buy a good-quality sunscreen with a 30+ SPF so that you can move out on a hot summer day without any stress of harming your skin. Do not think that sunscreen is only a summer essential skincare item. It should be used in winters too.
  • Are you not moisturizing your skin? Are you not keeping your skin hydrated? Dry skin is more susceptible to developing wrinkles. Hence, dry skin should be averted, and a proper moisturizer should be worn on the skin to keep the woes of the dryness away. Dry and oily skin moisturizers have different ingredients and compositions to suit the skin type. Purchase the product according to your skin requirement. Moreover, moisturizing is an essential requirement for men and women of all age groups.
  • Water intake One of the most overlooked factors that harm the human body and skin in multiple ways is not drinking enough water. At least eight glasses of water should be consumed every day to keep the body hydrated. A clear internal system of the human body shows a clear exterior. Metabolism is boosted with proper water intake, and a good digestion system helps to get rid of several skin issues like acne and pigmentation.
  • Exfoliation Exfoliating your face regularly will allow your skin to get rid of the dead cells and give health to it. Dead skin accumulation is another cause of aging skin. A person who does not exfoliate the skin will witness dull and lustreless skin that will quickly succumb to wrinkles and fine lines. So why invite such skin woes? Engage exfoliation of the skin in your skincare routine and give happiness to your skin. Exfoliation should be performed 2-3 times weekly. Invest in a chemical-free and gentle exfoliator that works best on every skin type.
  • Diet Yes, the part of nutrition cannot be overlooked at all. Most of us do not give importance to our diet. Keep a close watch on your diet and ensure that you pile the diet with the essential vitamins and nutrients to help achieve flawless skin. Engage in a diet rich in antioxidants that can prevent skin against free radicals that damage the cells. So, include leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy products to get the required level of nutrition in the body that can pave the way to achieving good skin. A poor diet is one of the gravest mistakes you can make to worsen your skin problems and invite aging. Again, a happy internal system will yield a healthy exterior.


Modern-day requirements, expectations, and professional hook-ups damage the skin because these are the causes of stress. Stress can take a toll on the health; and overall health of the human body. The skin is also included in the list. Hence, develop a routine that can keep stress away so that your skin also appears calm and happy. Involve yoga and meditation in your routine. Other types of physical activities like exercising and walking are also great ways to keep stress away. Most important is to learn to handle and manage stress because lifestyle in modern days strips away mental peace. Hence, develop a lifestyle or opt for lifestyle changes that can help to keep stress at bay.

Do not sleep with a make-up.

One of the most common mistakes that we make is to sleep with make-up on. Skin needs to breathe. If you do not remove the makeup before going to bed, you are giving your skin a hard time and preventing it from self-repair. The clogged pores give dullness to the skin, and wearing makeup clogs the pores that can aggravate the issue. It is better to learn some tips about day-care and night-care skin regimes. There are night creams available in the market to ensure healthy skin during the night. But the application of such a cream without removing the day’s make-up is not recommended at all. Hence, removing makeup before hitting the bed is one of the most required regimes to follow and keep wrinkles at bay.
CosmeSurge is one of the best cosmetic clinics to provide customers with the best treatment options for their skin-related problems. The clinic has multiple branches across UAE and has produced several successful therapies that can result in healthy skin. The experts acquaint the customers with the right skincare rules, tips, and tricks that can help them to have good skin.

Final Thoughts

An anti-aging routine can be helpful to delay the process of aging. Adopting a good skincare regime can help to achieve the health of the skin. It is never too late to make amendments inhabits. Hence, follow a healthy anti-aging routine that can help to foster youthful skin.

Summer skincare

Summer Skincare Tips

The onset of summer brings skin woes with it. Heat and sweat can have a damaging impact on the skin. It is essential to
equip oneself with summer essentials and fight the heat with products and skincare tips to keep the skin happy. Sunburn,
tanning, oily skin, and dull skin are the most common skin woes that people of all age groups, irrespective of gender,
have to face. The sun\’s harmful rays damage the upper layer of the skin and result in the sign of aging. Clogged pores
and breakouts are some of the other issues that people during summers experience. Hence, skincare is one of the most
important regimes that can save people against skin problems during summers.
The activity of sebaceous glands
increases during the summer months due to the surge in temperature. The result is oily skin appears oilier and dry skin
appears dull.
The experts in CosmeSurge also give a lot of importance to the daily skincare regime. They often advise
their customers to follow the easy skincare routine and help the skin stay happy. Remedies that are easily available at
home are considered a great option for the maintenance of the skin.

A few tips and tricks of summer skincare

  • Cleanse the skin Cleansing the skin is the foremost requirement of the skin to be
    happy during summers. The heat and sweat clog the pores and make the skin appear oily and dirty. Hence, face
    washing is one of the most important skincare goals that should never go ignored. Ensure to wash your face once
    in the morning and once before hitting the bed. During the day, you can rinse your face with cold water several
    times. Cleaners are mainly available in a variety of oil-based and foam-based options according to the skin
    types. It is easy to select the one that suits your skin type. After applying face wash, rinse your face with
    cold or lukewarm water.
  • Exfoliation Removing dead cells from the skin is
    effectively done with the help of exfoliators available in the market. People with sensitive skin should invest
    in a mild exfoliator. Exfoliation is done once or twice a week. Scrub your face for 2-3 minutes and be gentle
    with the strokes. Dead skin cells removal marks the onset of new cells on the skin that renew the skin and
    appear cleaner and brighter. Harsh exfoliation is prohibited because it can lead to breakouts.
  • Toning Toners help to maintain the pH balance of the skin and make it appear cleaner and
    brighter. It helps to eliminate the issue of excess oil secretion and manages acne. Toners can aid evening skin
    tone and are considered an important ingredient in your skincare regime for summers. Aloe vera-based toner is a
    good purchase for buyers.
  • Moisturizing People who think that moisturizing the skin
    is a winter affair need to brush their memory and clear the myths away. To get a youthful complexion and a
    flawless look, moisturize your skin in summers too. People with dry skin can buy a strong moisturizer, and
    people with sensitive skin should invest in mild moisturizing. Say goodbye to shea butter and heavy cold creams
    during summers because heat and temperature require non-greasy moisturizers that act light on the skin.
  • Protection against the sun Do not step out of the premises without applying sunscreen as it
    helps the skin against the sun\’s harmful rays. Choose a sunscreen with a higher level of SPF (preferably 30+)
    to achieve great results. If you think that sunscreen is for your face only, you need to have a reality check.
    Sunscreens also act as a prevention against skin cancer. Your hands and legs/feet are an equally important part
    of your body that needs delicate handling.
  • Hydration One of the easiest skincare
    routines during summers is to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Water is important to maintain skin hydration.
    Most of us kickstart our day with a dose of caffeine. So, double or triple the water intake during the day to
    keep dehydration at bay. Water checks against problems arising due to dryness in the body and helps in
    maintaining hydration. It also keeps the skin happy and adds a tinge of glow to your complexion.
  • Include antioxidants in your diet and skincare regime Serum for skin and face are the latest
    fad. Hence, it is a great idea to consider investing in a good antioxidant serum to fight skin woes during
    summers. Serum can aid in maintaining hydration of the skin and also protect it against environmental damage.
    Free radicals cause damage to the skin, but serum helps boost collagen production and checks against free
    radicals. Your diet can also get a boost with the addition of antioxidants like citrus fruits, nuts, leafy
    vegetables, whole grains, and green tea.
  • Limit the use of makeup This is an
    essential tip that is easy to follow. Present-day products are conveniently divided into lightweight, day,
    night, and party makeup. So, choose your stock wisely. Wearing minimal makeup is the best tip to avoid breakups
    on the skin. Heavy makeup is not the cache for summers. Skin can easily breathe with minimal makeup. Boost your
    skin by using organic and lightweight makeup products. Go natural whenever possible. But wearing sunscreen is
    most important.
  • Natural/home remedies are good Your kitchen is a storehouse for
    skin-friendly natural ingredients. Yogurt, cucumber, tomato, sea salt, lemon, honey, clay, etc., are some summer
    cooling agents that work great on the skin to keep the latter happy and glowing. Dabbing the face with rosewater
    dipped cotton pads can work wonders by refreshing the skin. Also, running a cube of ice can help to keep the
    pores unclogged.

Final thoughts

Summers can take a toll on your skin. The harsh
weather conditions can steal the natural oils from the skin and appear dull and blemished. But a little shift and change
in your daily skincare regime can add to your skin’s happiness. Give a little me-time to your skin and enjoy the
desired results. A happy and glowing skin boosts confidence.


Interesting Facts about Injection Lipolysis

Who doesn’t want to get back to shape with just injections? Injection Lipolysis helps you achieve exactly that.
Injection lipolysis happens is a non-surgical procedure performed on the face, chin or body to remove unwanted and stubborn fat. Ideally, the smaller areas of fat on the specific parts of the body can be targeted. If you have fatty tissues on the hips, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, you can be a great candidate.
Here are some facts about Injection Lipolysis that will give you a clearer idea about it and help you make up your mind whether to go for this or not.

Is Injection Lipolysis Painful?

The injections are not painful as there are just a few nerve fibers in the subcutaneous tissue. Patients will just feel a slight prick and a mere sensation of burning and itching for the first 2 hours. Only 3-4% of patients require a pain killer on the first night post-procedure.

How Does Injection Lipolysis Reduce Fat Deposit?

PPT or Phosphatidylcholine, in this procedure, is injected directly into unwanted fat deposits. The active substance is a natural compound made of soya beans. The body itself utilizes this to produce the substance in the same composition for performing multiple tasks especially in the field of metabolism of fat.
Lipolysis Injection should not be regarded as a new miracle drug for weight reduction. But when the Fat deposits cannot be eliminated by converted therapeutic exercises or nutritional therapy, the lipolysis injections initiate a procedure through which fat is melted away and then eliminated from the body through the usual process of metabolism.
In this case, the medication is injected directly into the area of concern. The fat cells melt away as a result of that and are consequently eliminated. Due to the elasticity, the skin contracts at an increasing degree to construct a homogenous surface.

Can You Lose Weight with Injection Lipolysis?

This is one therapy that is not intended to be a medium of weight reduction. But you can easily lose the unwanted deposits of localized fats like fat on the thigh, double chin, upper arms and belly.

Who Are Not Suitable for Injection Lipolysis?

This treatment cannot be administered to children or adolescents, breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women, and patients with severe and rare diseases. A certified doctor will help you and inform you whether this treatment is suitable for you during the personal consultation.

How to Prepare?

The doctor will bring forth specific information on how to prepare for the procedure. They may advise you to –

  • Avoid activity that may irritate the region that is meant to be treated for a week before your procedure. There is a high chance that the medications can interfere with the body’s healing procedure.
  • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners for a couple of weeks before the procedure. These can also interfere with the healing process of the body.

You should make your doctor aware of the pre-existing health issue or prescription medicines that you consume. This includes shaving and tanning. They can advise on any essential precaution.
Post-procedure, your doctor will give you a sheet of details that will make your recovery procedure easier and give your skin enough time to heal. You should also arrange a ride to reach home after the procedure especially if you are feeling any form of discomfort.

What Risks Are Associated with This?

Once the procedure is over, you can notice a slight sensitivity or swelling. Itching and reddening can also occur for about 2-4 days after the procedure. Sauna visits, massage and sports should be avoided for almost 3 days.
Though very rare, some hardening can occur like bruises and deep hematomas. But they are supposed to disappear post 2-6 weeks. This therapy is quite low on side effects. So it won’t present any risk if the health status of the individual and any resulting limitation are clarified beforehand and if the doctor you appoint is certified.
These are just some of the good-to-know facts that will help to clear your doubts and answer your questions that can pose as hindrances for you to arrive at a decision. Now that you know these, consult with an experienced and certified specialist today if you are interested to witness the benefits that Injection Lipolysis has to offer.

Mens Skincare routine

Ideal Skincare routine for Men

Skincare and men usually don’t go together – or so is the popular belief.
In fact, for plenty of men, even today, the grooming routine strictly consists of products like body sprays and shower gels that have been Christmas gifts from last year.
But the truth is that men should have a daily skincare routine and that is far beyond the shower gel application.
The array of products available in the market today is easy to make anyone overwhelmed. But for what it is worth, effective skincare is essentially the 3 Cs – Commitment, Consistency and Care.
When you keep the above in mind, effective skincare just takes a few simple steps. And the difference that it will bestow upon you is going to make you feel how much you have missed and why it is totally worth it.
So let’s begin.

  • Cleanse (Twice Daily) Clean skin is the foundation for great skin. Usually, you need to wash your skin after waking up, before going to bed and after any activity that involves sweat. Ideally, you should wash your face at least twice every day.
    Before washing the face, you should warm up the face with warm water for opening the pores. Once the pores are expanded, the face wash can get inside and remove the build-up of oil. Lightly rub your face in a circular motion with a men’s face wash. Don’t pull the skin down as this can ultimately make your skin loose and saggy. Then use cool water to rinse the face. This way the pores shrink and prevent dirt to re-enter the pores. Next just dry by patting your skin instead of rubbing. Remember your skin should feel clean but not tight as expected after washing as that can create breakouts, increase production of oil and accelerate the process of aging.
  • Exfoliate (Twice or Thrice Every Week) You need to remove the dead skin cells, sebum and dirt from the skin. Herein comes the need for proper exfoliation. A quality scrub can provide a deep clean that unblocks impurities that lay deep by penetrating deep into the pores. This stops the blockages that result in problems like blackheads and cystic spots. That is why exfoliation is essential for maintaining healthy skin and keeping breakouts at bay.
    Now if yours is sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, instead of scrub you should try a chemical exfoliator. Usually, you need to massage with such an exfoliator while washing your face or while taking the shower and leave it for 30 seconds for absorption prior to washing off.
    You have to massage for 30 seconds continuously with a scrub especially on the problem areas before washing it. Though 2-3 times per week is enough, if you have oily skin, you should go for it more frequently.
  • Apply Serum (Daily for 10 Seconds) Serums that are unobtrusive and lightweight go a long way in benefiting your skin. You need to apply this in low doses and when used between the cleansing and moisturizing process, it can produce noticeable anti-blemish and anti-aging effects. You should apply a low coverage for your entire face by just using 1-2 drops of serum every day after cleansing and exfoliating.
  • Hydrate Your Skin with Moisturizer (Twice Daily) Just like drinking 8 glasses of water is essential for good skin, so is the application of a good moisturizer. You should moisturize every time you wash your face and this implies that you have to go for it twice daily. This will protect your skin from environmental adversities.
    Apply the moisturizer when the skin is still wet. This way the product can trap the moisture to keep the skin hydrated. You should also moisturize your hands as they face irritants every day even more than your face.
  • Prevent Aging Preventing aging is the final step of your skincare routine. Even after cutting on your sugar consumption and quitting to smoke, you can develop fine lines if you spend a substantial amount of time in the sun. That is why you should always have sunblock or sunscreen on. Put it on at least 30 minutes before stepping out which will give ample time to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.
    You should also apply an anti-aging men’s cream every night before going to bed and apply a thin layer of under-eye cream after moisturizing your face in the morning. This will reduce dark circles and puffiness. At night, apply it post-application of the anti-aging cream for hydrating the skin cells.
    Your face confronts various contaminants every day. That is why you need to do a bit more than just rubbing your face with soap to maintain its vibrancy over the years.
    What’s more, you also prevent the early signs of aging from setting in with this. With this daily skincare regime, you do not just look good but also feel good which boosts your confidence at the end of the day and enhances your quality of life manifolds.

Prepare Your Skin to Glow for Eid

Eid is one of the most-awaited and auspicious times of the year. Naturally, it is one of those occasions where you show off your swag.

And for that, apart from your new clothes and accessories, you have to get your basics right and beautiful skin is the prerequisite for that.

Skin issues tend to augment when you do not drink enough water during Ramazan and cannot find time to care for your skin. This causes dehydration because of a lack of moisture.

But don’t worry! To help you out here are some of the tricks to make your skin glow in Eid. Take a look.

  • Drink Lots of Water – This is the first thing to do. Lotions and creams for skin care protect your skin externally. But skin also needs care from the inside. Hydration assists in protecting the skin from the adverse effects of intense sun rays and a high level of humidity. Many women are already suffering from a loss of skin suppleness and elasticity because of the hot summer days. So on Sehri and post Iftar, make it a point to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water for hydrating your body cells and skin. This also helps with cleansing your skin. For radiant, glowing skin, you should choose to drink more liquids (diluted in water) like fresh fruit juices and smoothies.
  • CTM is a Must – The basic skincare regime always includes CTM or Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. Go for cleansing your face twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. Follow that up with a gentle toner. Apply a good moisturizer once your skin dries up. Also, don’t forget to exfoliate the skin twice a week. All these will help in removing the grime, dirt, dead skin cells and oil. This is bound to make your skin look fresh and glowing.
  • Yoga Can Help You Out – You won’t be able to work out when you are fasting. Instead, opt for yoga asana which will assist both your skin and body. Go for a handful of easy asanas. This way you can prevent wrinkles, blemishes and acne. Again, as said earlier, you also need to drink lots of pure water that is purified to keep dehydration at bay. During your fast, you can go for yoga at any time of the day.
  • Eat Clean – You can fight against dull and dry skin by having lots of fruits and veggies. These are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which enable healthy skin free of wrinkles. Add them to your Sehri and Iftar meals for boosting your skin. Summer is the perfect time to be benefitted from the seasonal veggies and fruits for moisturized and beautiful skin. Many fruits and veggies can enrich your skin with antioxidants which assist to keep your skin smooth, supple and young. So include tomatoes, dates, lemons, apples, pomegranates, apricots, spinach, strawberries and grapes as these foods help with the repair and maintenance of your skin. Consumption of these foods will ensure long-lasting and desired results for your skin.
  • Avoid Spicy and Hot Foods – Blemishes, pimples and rashes are some of the consequences of disruptive digestion and constipation. When you consume spicy and oily foods during Ramazan, it is bound to result in constipation. This can, in turn, lead to pimples and reduced facial value. That is why you should have eggs, whole-wheat meals, lentils, fruits and beans on Iftar and Sehri. You should also include yogurt in your diet as the positive bacteria in your yogurt not just help to maintain the digestive system but also improve the tone of the skin.
  • Opt for a Professional Facial – Just like in the case of any event, for Eid, too, you should visit the salon a week before. If you want glowing skin within a limited time, then this professional facial can be exactly what you need. This is a celebrity treatment that is quick and ensures durable results. It is guaranteed to tighten the skin, boost hydration and enhance the natural glow of the skin.

These are just some of the things that if you keep in mind and follow during Ramazan will help you to get glowing skin in Eid.

But if you feel that you need instant glow, you can choose from the variety of cosmetic treatments that CosmeSurge is offering. Book today and attain your best look this Eid.

Ramadan skin care

Let your Skin shine this Ramadan

Ramadan is a celebration of peace, reflection and purity – a time that is eagerly awaited all through the year.

But it is also the time when your daily routine goes for a toss. Your metabolic system devices its own ways in this phase as you go on fasting from dawn to dusk for coping with the transformation.

Fasting triggers a positive response on the skin and issues related to it like psoriasis and eczema are seen to improve because of that. But while fasting assists in detoxifying the skin and keeping it healthy there is a tendency for acne and pimples to spring up.

Little water and dietary compromises at Suhoor and Iftar and a topsy-turvy body clock because of irregular bedtime are primarily responsible for that.

For this reason, you need to adjust how the body and especially the skin get nourished during Ramadan. Here are some skin care tips that will let your skin shine during Ramadan.

  • Stay Hydrated – Drinking an ample amount of water does benefit your skin. You should have at least 8 glasses of water between Iftar and Suhoor. Avoid drinking sugary or carbonated beverages like juices or soda or even coffee as all of these can act as dehydrating agents. You can groove it up with fruits. This does not just flush out the toxins and boost your immunity but also helps you stay calorie-free apart from keeping you hydrated. You can infuse your water with –
    • Lime, lemon and orange
    • Ginger, orange and strawberries
    • Pineapple, orange and mint
    • Raspberries, mint, blueberries and lime
    • Lemon, mint and cucumber
  • Moisturize Well – Moisturizing should undoubtedly be an integral part of your skincare regime during this time. It is absolutely essential to use moisturizer in the skin to do away with the dryness. Fasting leads to the loss of body fluids. That is why during Ramadan, you must opt for proper hydration during the day. So make it a point to use your moisturizer without fail.
  • Protect Skin from UV Rays – In summer during Ramadan, the skin must be protected from the strong rays of the sun. You should apply sunblock with at least SPF 30 during the day and reapply if you are outdoors for about 3 hours or more. Go for a sunscreen that presents full protection and also does not clog your pores.
  • Eat Smart – Fasting people should follow a disciplined diet to make the most of this phase and stay healthy. Experts suggest that you should include more veggies and fruits rich in vitamins A, B and C in your meals. The vitamins tend to fade the dark spots and add the much-coveted skin glow.
  • Snooze Well – Sleep routines are disturbed drastically during Ramadan. You end up sacrificing your sleep during the short nights to socialize and eat. So you need to ensure that you sleep well and let your skin cells renew. You can also do away with saggy eyes and dark circles when you sleep well.
  • Get Your Face Treated – Once or twice a week you should use a facemask. You should also make it a point to use the mask twice a week. This assists in clearing the clogged pores and that is why your skin looks smoother and more radiant with time. The exfoliation regularly stimulates the circulation of blood in your face. Especially in the morning, this works superbly against water puffiness and retention. The pores get closed after rinsing your face with cold water.

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind so that you can keep your best foot forth during Ramadan and can make the most of your celebrations. If you want to address any particular facial problem you should consult a professional cosmetologist who can guide you to achieve your desired look and restore it not just during Ramadan but all year round.