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9 Tips to Permanently Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Feb 21, 2022

Although a dark eye circle is not a life-threatening problem, it would make you look sleepy and tired. Isn’t it? Men and women struggle with dark circles because of stress, anxiety, tension, and lack of sleep. However, we can resolve dark circles on our own gradually. Dark circle removal is a time-consuming process. Thus, you need to keep patience.

Dark circles under our eyes develop while the skin underneath both eyes get darkened. There are so many factors responsible for the dark circle. With dark circles, we look tired and older. However, it can be treated through home remedies: over-the-counter eye cream, eye-soothing gel, medical interventions, and cosmetic surgery procedures.

In this article, we will give you nine effective tips to wipe out the dark circles around your eyes permanently. Keep reading to learn more.

What Causes Dark circles?

There are a lot of elements responsible for having dark circles. You have to identify what is yours. 

When you find out the actual reason, you can work on that to remove the dark circles under the eyes. In maximum cases, lifestyle plays a crucial role. If an individual leads an unhealthy lifestyle, he will undoubtedly develop dark circles. Lack of sleep and oversleeping both cause dark circles; apart from the inappropriate sleeping pattern, there are a lot of factors that develop dark circles such as smoking, sunburn, allergies, aging, tiredness, sickness.
You can’t remove dark circles altogether, but several home remedies and medical interventions are available to minimize their appearance.

Nine effective methods that practically remove dark circles under the eyes

Getting Minimum eight-hour sleep

Lack of sleep is the fast reason to develop dark circles; You will notice dark eye circles when you do not have quality sleep for long days. Lack of sleep or poor sleep patterns worsen dark circles under the eyes. Scientific studies have proved that adequate rest and good general health reduce the darkness gradually.


Try a cold compress

Cold compress effectively reduces swelling and shrinks dilated blood vessels. Try this remedy at home. Please take a few ice cubes, wrap them in a clean washcloth, then apply it under your eyes for three to five minutes. If you don’t have ice, you can wet cotton cloth in cold water and place it on the skin of your eyes. Do not put intense pressure. Dab it gently for about 20 minutes. Another easy alternative to cold compression is eye gel masks. You can use it easily. The eye gel mask is available in any medical store; keep it in the freezer before use until it becomes ready to use. Apply it for 10 minutes.

Elevate your head while sleeping

Experts always ask to elevate your head while sleeping. If you wake up with dark circles, this option is highly effective for you. While you promote your head during sleep, it is a scientific fact that this will keep fluid from pooling under the eyes throughout the night and prevent puffiness, inflammation, and swelling. Puffiness also creates shadows beneath your lower eyelid, which eventually gives you the appearance of a dark circle. 

Apply tea bags

Cool green tea bags effectively reduce swelling and puffiness because tea is enriched with antioxidants that gradually shrink blood vessels and improve blood circulation under the eyes. Take a used green tea bag and freeze it for 10 minutes, then apply it under your eyes for 30 minutes. It not only removes dark circles but also tightens the under-eye skin.

Avoid sun exposure

If you are already struggling with dark circles, you must avoid sun exposure. UV rays of the sun speed up the aging process and eventually worsen dark circles under the eyes. You have to protect your eyes with sunglasses, apply moisturizer-based sunscreens, and wear a hat covering your forehead and face. 

Take allergy medicines

Itchiness and allergies develop dark circles. When we rub them, our eyes become irritated, puffy which makes shadows. In these cases, you need to talk with the doctor, and he might recommend you antihistamine to reduce allergy symptoms. But it is not a remedy if your dark circles are not developed due to itchiness.

Try skin brighteners

You can use skin brightening serum like vitamin C and Niacinamide serum, which gradually fade away the black patches. You can also use skin brightening cream, gels that gradually reduce excessive melanin production around your eyes.

Consider laser therapy

Cosmetic surgery invents a non-surgical treatment to alleviate dark circles under your eyes. 
Laser therapy decreases melanin production around the eyes. In Laser therapy, a mild light beam is applied to the undereye area to increase collagen production and reduce pigmentation.

Filler is an excellent alternative to laser therapy.

Filler is a good substitution for laser treatment. Filler adds necessary volume under the eyes to decrease the presence of shadows and decrease under-eye hollowing. Here experts use small injections of fluid-like hyaluronic acid under the eyes to lift the skin’s surface, increase space between the skin and under-eye blood vessels, and alleviate the presence of dark circles beneath the eyes. The process should be done in a medical office under local anesthesia.


Apart from external reasons, there is some internal reason responsible for dark circles under the eyes, which home remedies cannot resolve. You must seek medical help. If you suffer from mental or physical problems, don’t ignore them. You need medical help to cure from inside because poor psychological and physical health also contributes to dark circles under the eyes.

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