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Say Goodbye to Melasma: Get Professional Pigmentation Treatment Today

Say Goodbye to Melasma: Get Professional Pigmentation Treatment Today

At CosmeSurge, we are proud to be the leading cosmetic and skin clinic in the UAE. Our extensive range of treatments, such as pigmentation treatment and melasma treatment, are available at our clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Ras Al Khaimah. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of skin care services, making us the most trusted choice for all your needs.

Melanin is a skin pigment that gives color to the skin. It protects us from UV radiation. However, excessive sunlight exposure leads to increased melanin production.
This excessive melanin production that is at an increased rate is called hyperpigmentation. In certain cases, hyperpigmentation is triggered due to

  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Medicines
  • Sun exposure

Freckles, age spots, uneven skin tone, and other such uneven skin tone conditions are possible cases of hyperpigmentation. People with hyperpigmentation in Dubai and other hot weathered countries are encouraged to start treatments at early stages to avoid more skin trouble.


Melasma is a pigmentation condition developed due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or birth control pills, hormone replacement, or thyroid trouble.
It is a condition most commonly found on the face and is also known as the “mask of pregnancy.”
These brown patches need medical treatment to restore even skin color.

Choose The Right Doctor

Successful results solely depend upon the right choice of doctor. While choosing your doctor you must ensure he or she fulfills the below parameters:

  • Board certification

  • Extensive experience

  • Positive reviews

  • Real results

  • Understands your case and expectations

  • Good aesthetic Eye

Your Journey with CosmeSurge


Consultation For Pigmentation Treatment

The skin is a barometer of internal health. First, the doctor highlights the external and internal causes of excessive melanin production to the patient. The second stage is to design the treatment based on skin type, pigmentation density, and skin sites affected. Pigmentation treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi may range from only topical therapies or a combination of treatments and procedures together such as laser therapies. Pigmentation and melasma treatment may also require patients to avoid sun exposure due to harsh sunlight. Also, patients are strictly informed to use sunscreen during the treatment period.


Procedure For Pigmentation Treatment

It is important to establish that pigmentation treatments take longer to show results. Furthermore, melasma treatment must be carried out in conjunction while avoiding harsh sunlight and UV rays. Otherwise hypopigmentation which is the lightening of skin areas may occur in patches, which is another skin problem! At CosmeSurge, we use a variety of treatment options for people with Pigmentation & Melasma. Our treatments include

Laser therapy: Laser devices with controlled heat are used to improve skin tone and texture. Eventually leading to reduced pigmentation and efficient melasma treatment. The ablative laser removes the top layer of skin to reveal new skin. While nonablative works by heating the second layer of skin to promote growth. Fractional CO2, Sciton, Fraxel, and Picoway are laser therapies used for skin resurfacing. The results of laser resurfacing are long-lasting but it does not appear overnight. The skin resurfacing and reduced pigmentation start to show after a few weeks.

Chemical Peels: Depending on the pigmentation, chemical peels can be advised. For pigmentation and melasma treatment with chemical peeling a solution is applied to the skin. This application brings a result in a few days when old skin peels and gets replaced by newer skin, which is spot free! The pigmentation treatment in UAE is done with a variety of peels like chemical peel, organic peel, TCA, Cosmelan, Dermalan, and laser peeling based on the patient's skin. Usually, chemical peels are used in combination with other treatments for melasma.

Radio Frequency Treatments: Doctors opt for skin resurfacing via this technique. They use electromagnetic radiation to heat certain skin layers, which stimulates collagen production and skin healing. This process brings a healthier and improved skin texture. EndyMed, NuEra, and Scarlet are some machines that are used based on the patient’s skin for pigmentation treatments in Dubai.

Microneedling: Microneedling is great for all skins and hyperpigmentation and melasma treatments in UAE. The process involves puncturing the skin with fine short needles creating microscopic 'injuries'. This needling process starts a skin's natural healing, increases collagen production, and promotes healthy skin cells. This results in an even skin tone with no excessive melanin underneath. As no chemicals or lasers are involved, this process is suitable for all skin types.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This procedure is similar to laser; the only difference is that IPL uses a broad spectrum of light wavelengths, delivered in brief pulses that absorb the excessive pigment. It also helps stimulate collagen production, which helps in maintaining healthier skin. IPL is a non-ablative treatment (no skin is removed during treatment) and typically requires little to no downtime. It is a quick and safe choice for pigmentation treatment in Dubai.

Home Care: Apart from the above treatments, the doctor might prescribe certain creams. The cream contains skin lightening and bleaching agents that are known to be effective for treating pigmentation.

Post Treatment

Post Treatment Recovery For Pigmentation Treatment

Based on the treatment plan, there may be little to no downtime, but pigmentation treatment results will be noticeable from the first session onwards. There is a difference in the condition and texture of your skin. It will appear cleaner with lighter and reduced spots that ultimately fade with an even tone. However, patients undergoing melasma treatment and pigmentation treatments must avoid sun exposure and use required creams to deflect its rays.


After-Care Protocols For Pigmentation Treatment

For long-lasting results, following doctor instructions is vital. Many factors can affect pigmentation and melasma treatment. So, it is recommended that you complete the entire pigmentation treatment and attend maintenance sessions if required.

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CosmeSurge is one of the leading aesthetic brands and the largest cosmetology chain in the region. Our services are proven and exceptional as we have team of highly qualified doctors and specialists with years of experience. To book a consultation you can call us on 800 26763 (COSME) or share your details through the book appointment section and our team will reach out to you.

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One medication/ treatment cannot be singled out as the best for cases of hyperpigmentation and melasma, because each patient has a different case of pigmentation.
In many cases, applications of topical corticosteroids work. For others, it is a combination of creams.
In case procedures are required, they may take sessions. Sometimes doctors recommend a combination of both. In most cases, chemical peeling however has been the most effective one for hyperpigmentation and melasma.
But, the final word is only from the dermatologist for the treatment or medication.

Yes, lasers if recommended by dermatologists for patients are safe. The course of action is always the doctor’s call. At times they will opt for laser first and in some cases, they would do it last.
As the doctors first see the skin’s resistance to creams and peels or other procedures then lasers are picked.
The laser targets certain areas with deep pigmentation to clear the top layer of skin and unravel the fresh new skin that is spot free.

Melasma and hyperpigmentation look the same, however, they are different.
While hyperpigmentation is uneven, dark patches caused by excessive melanin. Melasma is mostly caused due to the trigger of hormones aggravated by UV light. Mostly it is seen during pregnancy and is commonly called “the mask of pregnancy”
Qualified dermatologists can work it out with medicines and treatments together.

Yes, pigmentation can be removed permanently. However, that requires patience as the sessions are planned for skin recovery.
The strike rate for scar removal is not 100% for all patients but in a majority of cases, the scars can be removed. Skin resurfacing, peeling and continuous care with a good diet can help the promotion of new skin cells. As the new skin layer appears the scars fade away.

Melasma appears due to hormonal changes and exposure to radiation such as UV light, infrared, etc. Doctors can give melasma treatment for the following areas:

  1. Forehead
  2. Cheeks
  3. Upper Lip
  4. Bridge of the nose
  5. Chin
  6. Neck
  7. Shoulders
  8. Forearms

If you want to avoid melasma or have fears of its recurrence, then be careful with the following steps:

  1. Limit your sun exposure time
  2. Always wear sunblock with a high SPF
  3. Wear hats and caps for sun protection

The primary cause of hyperpigmentation is excessive melanin production in the skin. However, there are secondary reasons that aggravate the melanin as well as increase pigmentation spots.

  1. Excess Sun Exposure: Excessive sun exposure leads to the production of melanin, which later leads to dark spots.
  2. Medical Conditions: A hormonal change during pregnancy or a rapid increase of iron in the blood due to Addison’s disease
  3. Physical and Chemical Injuries: postinflammatory pigmentation occurs due to a physical or chemical injury leading to dark spots
  4. Allergies: Expired makeup or allergens may cause eczema and scaly patches that eventually lead to blisters and end up as dark spots or melasma spots.
  5. Exposure to Radiation: Radiation, not only dries up the skin. But, also intensifies the pigmentation spots, which become first red and then go darker as deep pigmentation spots on the skin.

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