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Skin Brightening Care In The Summer Season scaled

Skin Brightening & Care In The Summer Season

  • Aug 09, 2022

Summer in the Middle East and Asian countries is lethal. The sun is out with extreme harshness, and its first adverse effect is on people’s skin! No matter how much you plan your skincare, there is something that ends up flawed – your skin tone and complexion. Losing your glow naturally upsets people, and they look for a safe and reliable solution. Eventually, here is where the questions arise like:

  • Should I opt for a skin-lightening treatment?
  • Can I get a permanent skin brightening done?
  • Will a skin fairness treatment work?
  • Will natural products do the trick for skin lightening?

The thing is, there is major science behind making your skin better! It is possible but having studied the patient’s history, lifestyle, and medical conditions is an ideal way forward!

Better Skin Boosts Confidence

Sociologists, psychologists, and recruiters all have deduced that people with better skin perform better in their lives because their confidence levels increase with better skin. As this relationship is established many people now look for ways to make their skin beautiful, glowing, and lighter to make their outlook and performance in life better.

What Is Skin Lightening

When we say skin lightening it means cosmetic procedures to improve and lighten dark skin areas. In some cases used to remove birthmarks and melasma.

How It Works

There are different stages to achieving skin glow and fairness. People use a variety of these and sometimes just one to constantly keep their skin bright and light!
1. Natural products
2. Glutathione injections & shots
3. Laser treatments
4. Facial therapies
5. Peel treatments
6. Use of bleaching products and skin lighteners

Natural products

Going down the herbal route is never a bad idea. However, it demands immense consistency and patience as results are slow. The natural way for glowing fair skin from nature is simple

  • Eat your fruits and vegetables
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water
  • Exercise or do yoga
  • Maintain a good sleep cycle
  • Use herbal/kitchen cabinet items on your face

IV Therapy

At Cosmesurge, we believe in the complete well-being of our clients. Each client has a different lifestyle and requires tailored treatment approaches from us for their skin goals. Our IV Infusion therapies give relaxation to the body internally. Each treatment is customized according to the users’ needs.
The added minerals are used in the ratio of the clients’ needs. As a result, each composition varies for people looking for brighter skin, or those looking for augmented immunity.

This treatment takes 45 minutes while one can hear music or chat with friends. The direct injection of these minerals helps people in numerous ways.

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Increased vigor
  • Hydration

The IV therapy is safe, healthy and a preferred mode of beauty and healthy glowing skin by many celebrities worldwide. It is natural, loaded with minerals, and makes you beautiful inside out!

Laser Treatment for Lighter Skin

A safe skin-lightening treatment opted for by many people of color is laser skin resurfacing. The technique is simple. The concentrated light ray is directed at the irregular skin, and the laser removes each layer of the skin. This is done till fresh and new skin appears.

Who Benefits From Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

The good news is that this treatment not only works for pigmented skin. But also for people with fine lines. You can resolve two issues with one process under the umbrella of Cosmesurge.

Facial Therapies

You can try the Facial at Cosmesurge. This therapy combines multiple aesthetic treatments to give you exfoliated clean skin free of harsh pigmentation that bothered you earlier. More small procedures are done in this treatment, which we will explain below to help you understand how you get healthy radiant skin.


The doctor pricks the skin with an instrument made up of many sterilized needles. The punctured skin prompts the body to produce more elastin and collagen. This procedure is best for acne scars, wrinkles, and sun damage to the skin.


In easy words, this is skin vacuum cleaning. Abrasive techniques are used with an instrument to exfoliate the topmost layer. The doctor removes the treated area with precision to reach the desired skin depth that is fresh and glowing.

Skin lightening treatments done by certified dermatologists ensure that the patient’s history, pain threshold, and reactions to chemicals are known. This makes the process flawless and successful.

Peel Treatments

As the name suggests, this method leads to peeling off the old skin. Doctors recommend skin peel treatments from light to deep intensity depending on the patient’s history. A peel solution is applied to the patient’s skin that removes the outermost damaged layer of skin.
A smooth radiant skin appears once the old skin peels away after the treatment. What is important, for the readers is to understand the intensity of each peel.

Light Peel

It gives improved signs initially. But regular peels at recommended intervals increase the glow.

Medium Peel

This treatment gives much smoother and fresher skin after the first session, and the skin takes time to recover from peeling.

Deep Peel

Deep peel has the fastest results for glowing, bright, and fairer skin. However, the patient has to stay indoors for a longer time to recover.

Bleach & Lightening Products

Some people still resort to the use of bleach which is loaded with mercury and not promoted by doctors. It is toxic and leads to multiple health problems such as skin thinning and cancer risks.
Hydroquinone is another ingredient that needs consideration. Either a dermatologist can prescribe it for skin lightening or, it may be in skin whitening creams in a small percentage of 2% or less. Always check the updated list of banned skin lightening creams in your region for your awareness about products and their ingredient content.

Your beauty choices are a cumulative effort of knowledge and wisdom for seeking the best treatments. The desire to look beautiful and confident with spotless fair skin is great as long as the treatments are healthy and done by specialists in the field to guide you in the best way.

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