Nutrition & Health

Lose Weight Forever

Are you tired of yo-yo diets? You are a victim of conflicting advice by nutritional experts who told you to cut down on fat and greedy food manufacturers who control government regulators that turn a blind eye to packing your packaged food with sugar, salt and trans-fats. It does not help that your are stressed out more than ever with the increasingly chaotic world we live in, the rat race to keep up with the Jones and the need to work harder to pay your ever mounting credit card bills and mortgages while adding more things to do to your “To Do” list everyday.

Our Team simplifies your healthy lifestyle by:

  • Consulting patients pre and post weight loss surgeries.
  • Preparing personalized dietary plans and adopting a healthier lifestyle for patients suffering from metabolic syndrome.
  • Counseling pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Educating children and teenagers on healthy eating habits.
  • Assisting in setting goals and monitoring progress.