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Dr. Gabriel Akram Saab

Dr. Gabriel Akram Saab

Dr. Gabriel Akram Saab

  • Designation: Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Department: Plastic Surgery
  • Nationality: Lebanese
  • Languages: Arabic , English , French
  • Location: Dubai | Abu Dhabi
Gabriel Saab

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About Me

With over 27 years of experience and completing over 10,000 procedures, I have gained immense expertise in cosmetic, aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeries.
As one of the most renowned and skilled Plastic Surgeon specialists in Lebanon. I have been engaged in participating and organising several regional, international, and national conferences, presentations, and meetings globally. I have performed all types of Cosmetic Surgery i.e. Rhinoplasty, Breast Implants and much more in and across Beirut, Lebanon.
I am committed to the application of careful and precise medical/surgical methods and am recognized by both the public and professionals in Lebanon, the Middle East and worldwide for my efforts.

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  • 1990 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) St. Joseph University Beirut- Lebanon
  • Fellow Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department in Paris Hospitals (Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital, Saint Louis Hospital, Bociccaut Hospital)


  • Lebanese Society of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (LSPRAS)
  • International Society of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

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