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Allurion Program

Allurion Program

Allurion Program also known as Elipse is an intragastric balloon that’s swallowed and then filled with a saline solution, so it takes up space in your stomach, creating a sensation of fullness and accelerating weight loss. Unlike other intragastric balloons, it doesn’t require endoscopy to place it. The balloon also deflates on its own after four months, so you don’t have to return for a removal procedure.
You can lose an average of 10 to 15kgs (1.57 to 2.36 stone) in 16 weeks thanks to the balloon and a fully supported lifestyle program.

Body Fat Transfer
Who Should Consider Allurion Program?

Who Should Consider Allurion Program?

If you wish to lose weight and meet the below criteria, then you can opt for this program

  • Age of 18 and above
  • Body mass index (BMI) greater than 27
  • No abdominal surgery performed in the past 1-2 years
  • No swallowing or bowel disorder
  • No other medical condition
More importantly, you should be willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Choose The Right Doctor

A successful result solely depends upon the right choice of the doctor. While choosing the doctor you must make sure that he or she fulfills the below parameters:

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    Extensive Experience

  • weight loss uae

    Positive Reviews

  • weight loss uae

    Sharing Real Results

  • weight loss uae

    Understands Your Case and Expectations

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    Good Aesthetic Eye

Your Journey with CosmeSurge


During your consultation be complete open with the doctor about your concerns. Your doctor will take a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible for the program, the doctor will prescribe some medications and put you on a diet plan. It is vital for you to follow all the instructions.


We have designed an extensive Allurion Program for a period of 4 months which includes:

  • Complementary assessment with our expert
  • Placement of the Allurion Balloon
  • 2 X-Ray during the procedure
  • Follow up appointments with the dietitian for 4 months
  • Follow up appointments with the our expert

You swallow a capsule that contains the balloon attached to a thin tube. You will have an X-ray to make sure the capsule is in the right position. Once in your stomach, your doctor will use the tube to fill the balloon with liquid. You will have a second X-ray to confirm the balloon is filled. The doctor will then gently remove the tube. The procedure takes about a half-hour. You can normally go home one to two hours after the procedure is finished.

At approximately 16 weeks after placement, the Allurion Balloon self-empties and passes naturally.

Post Treatment

After the placement of the balloon, you will receive elipse scale which has to be connected to the allurion app to monitor your progress. Your doctor will have access to your progress report.

Six hours post-procedure, you can start having small sips of liquid. You’ll stay on a liquid diet for the first three days before you can start eating soft foods. Slowly sip water after each meal to rinse the balloon and help prevent burps caused by food sticking to the device. Avoid unnecessary physical activity the first week, then gradually increase as you become acclimated to the balloon. Ten days after the insertion procedure, you should be able to start eating regular food.

Regular follow up with nutritionist and doctor will be scheduled to monitor progress.

After Care

The Nutritionist will give you a strict diet to follow for the next few weeks. Work closely with your nutritionist and doctor for the next few months in order to achieve the best results.

After few weeks you can start exercising upon consultation with the doctor

Try and establish healthier lifestyle habits, such as exercising regularly and reducing your alcohol intake

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