Tattoo Removal“Tattoo removal! Definitely worth it. Good doctors. Clean equipment.Most of all. Good results.”

Wrinkles Treatment

“I visited the clinic and had my consultation and treatment for wrinkles treatment the same evening. I had been thinking of having treatment for wrinkles for a few years and kept putting it off. I received excellent advise and had my face and neck treated. It was very quick and almost painless. I am very pleased with the results and 2 weeks later went for my check up and top up. I would definitely recommend my dermatologist. I have 100% trust in him. My family are amazed at the results and I will continue to use this clinic. The staff are friendly, the location is ideal for me and it is good value.”

Delma Branch

“They called me and gave me info I need and even ask me if I wanted them to send the email to their delma branch since I am near the delma st. Very helpful.”

Laser Treatment

“I was recommended by a friend to get hair removal with the laser. I thought it will all good in one go, but of course that was wishing for the world! multiple sessions are needed, but very good so far :)”

Laser Hair Removal

“As part of my salon round up before my upcoming trip, laser hair removal is a must do for me of course….and my center of choice is Cosmesurge. I’ve been their customer for almost 2 years now, prior to which I was hopping between 2-3 centers but I was never completely satisfied. That is until I found Cosmesurge . The machinery & equipment are the newest in the market, always well maintained and the center is super clean. Further, their customer service is superb and waiting time is never over 10 minutes!”

Dr Afif Kanj

“i actually had a good experience with dr afif, i had my tummy done 4months back, the hospital nurses were very helpful, and dr afif is adorable, you feel safe dealing with him, he knows what he is doing,you are in safe hands,good luck! ”

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