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Ramadan skin care

Let your Skin shine this Ramadan

  • Apr 24, 2021

Ramadan is a celebration of peace, reflection and purity – a time that is eagerly awaited all through the year.

But it is also the time when your daily routine goes for a toss. Your metabolic system devices its own ways in this phase as you go on fasting from dawn to dusk for coping with the transformation.

Fasting triggers a positive response on the skin and issues related to it like psoriasis and eczema are seen to improve because of that. But while fasting assists in detoxifying the skin and keeping it healthy there is a tendency for acne and pimples to spring up.

Little water and dietary compromises at Suhoor and Iftar and a topsy-turvy body clock because of irregular bedtime are primarily responsible for that.

For this reason, you need to adjust how the body and especially the skin get nourished during Ramadan. Here are some skin care tips that will let your skin shine during Ramadan.

  • Stay Hydrated – Drinking an ample amount of water does benefit your skin. You should have at least 8 glasses of water between Iftar and Suhoor. Avoid drinking sugary or carbonated beverages like juices or soda or even coffee as all of these can act as dehydrating agents. You can groove it up with fruits. This does not just flush out the toxins and boost your immunity but also helps you stay calorie-free apart from keeping you hydrated. You can infuse your water with –
    • Lime, lemon and orange
    • Ginger, orange and strawberries
    • Pineapple, orange and mint
    • Raspberries, mint, blueberries and lime
    • Lemon, mint and cucumber
  • Moisturize Well – Moisturizing should undoubtedly be an integral part of your skincare regime during this time. It is absolutely essential to use moisturizer in the skin to do away with the dryness. Fasting leads to the loss of body fluids. That is why during Ramadan, you must opt for proper hydration during the day. So make it a point to use your moisturizer without fail.
  • Protect Skin from UV Rays – In summer during Ramadan, the skin must be protected from the strong rays of the sun. You should apply sunblock with at least SPF 30 during the day and reapply if you are outdoors for about 3 hours or more. Go for a sunscreen that presents full protection and also does not clog your pores.
  • Eat Smart – Fasting people should follow a disciplined diet to make the most of this phase and stay healthy. Experts suggest that you should include more veggies and fruits rich in vitamins A, B and C in your meals. The vitamins tend to fade the dark spots and add the much-coveted skin glow.
  • Snooze Well – Sleep routines are disturbed drastically during Ramadan. You end up sacrificing your sleep during the short nights to socialize and eat. So you need to ensure that you sleep well and let your skin cells renew. You can also do away with saggy eyes and dark circles when you sleep well.
  • Get Your Face Treated – Once or twice a week you should use a facemask. You should also make it a point to use the mask twice a week. This assists in clearing the clogged pores and that is why your skin looks smoother and more radiant with time. The exfoliation regularly stimulates the circulation of blood in your face. Especially in the morning, this works superbly against water puffiness and retention. The pores get closed after rinsing your face with cold water.

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind so that you can keep your best foot forth during Ramadan and can make the most of your celebrations. If you want to address any particular facial problem you should consult a professional cosmetologist who can guide you to achieve your desired look and restore it not just during Ramadan but all year round.

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