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7 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Without Needing Surgery

  • Feb 02, 2024

Ways to Lose Weight Without Surgery:

People often look for ways to get rid of extra weight without having to go through surgeries like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or putting in a gastric balloon, especially if they need to do it for health reasons. They want to find out how to cut down on weight safely. This can be done by eating less, and here are 7 safe ways to do it.


7 Safe Ways to Lose Weight: 

Eat More Vegetables: Try to fill up on vegetables whenever you eat to help you feel full.

Don’t Skip Breakfast: Breakfast is key to staying full throughout the day. Aim for a 400 to 500 calorie breakfast that includes proteins like eggs, nuts, or yoghourt.

Drink Coffee and Tea: Coffee is great for antioxidants.

Drink Lots of Water

Cut Out Sugary Drinks: They just add more calories.

Get Moving: Start with simple activities like walking, then maybe try something harder like lifting small weights.

Try Spicy Food: It can help you slow down while eating and not overeat.

Medical Ways:


If you’re looking at medical options for weight loss, here are some choices based on your health needs:

  • Allurion Balloon: This is put inside through an endoscope and makes you feel full sooner so you eat less.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: Done with laparoscopic surgery, which means using small tools through tiny cuts in your belly. It could help lose about 60% of your excess weight.
  • Gastric Band Surgery: A small pouch is made in the stomach using a laparoscope. This surgery skips part of the small intestine.
  • Weight Loss Injections: These can make you feel full longer and help with weight loss.

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