FUE Hair Transplant

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the method of obtaining hair grafts directly and individually from the patient donor area.

In FUE, we do not remove the strip of skin from the donor area. Patients will usually have fewer possible donor complications seen with the strip technique such as discomfort in donor area after surgery, the need for staple or suture removal and presence of linear scar.

The advantage of FUE is that patients will not have a linear scar on the back of their head.

Hair grafting dubai

FUE is well suited for patients who insist on not having a linear scar. It may be an excellent choice for young patients seeking small procedures. FUE may be the ideal choice for harvesting trunk, leg and arm hair, and it is an excellent way to camouflage strip scars.

Our Results


FUE Recepient and donor area, immediately after a FUE hair transplant with 1500 grafts.


FUE – 11 days after surgery, Donor area eleven days after a FUE hair transplant surgery. There is no obvious sign of hair transplant surgery and scars are not detactable