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Hossein Yavari, M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist
Assistant Professor of Dermatology at University of Medical Scenice for five years
(Dubai & Khalifa City)

Hanieh Erdmann M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist
German Board Certified

Fatima Habib, M.D.


Dermatologist (UK trained)
M.BchB (University of Bristol), UK

Pegah Ceric-Dehdari, M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist
German Board Certified, Facharzt

Anna Petrus Mallory, M.D.


Diploma in Dermatology (UK)
Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Batoul Reffai

Batoul Reffai

Specialist Dermatologist (Al Ain & Oman)

Rania Assil, M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist (Abu Dhabi & Al Ain)

Kassia Sarkisian, M.D.


Consultant Dermatologist
American University of Beirut
(Abu Dhabi)

Emad Aeta, M.D., MSc

Emad Etta

Specialist Dermatology
10 years experience in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology
(Sharjah & RAK)

Namir Shehade, M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist
More than 10 years experience in clinical skin treatments and laser skin surgery
(Sharjah, RAK & Fujairah)

Manal Kadri, M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist
6 years experience in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology

Dr. Ahmed Al Khateeb

Ahmed Al Khateeb

Specialist Dermatologist

Salwa Abo Rashed, M.D.


Specialist Dermatologist
15 years experience in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology
(Abu Dhabi & Khalif City)

Nidaa Abou-Haouili, M.D.


GP Dermatologist
(Abu Dhabi & Khalifa City)

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Laser Lipo (Acculift)

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Procedures - Non Surgical



The Acculift laser has a wavelength of 1444 and hence is a special laser that is very effective at liquidating the fat prior to suctioning it and has the additional advantage of tightening the skin thereby minimizing the potential of a saggy skin appearance after liposuction. The post op pain is minimal and the recovery time does not usually exceed two to three days.


The Acculift will not expand the patient selection process for liposuction. In other words if the patient is too obese to be a candidate for a liposuction, the use of laser assistance with not make him an acceptable candidate for liposuction.  On the other hand, patients that are candidates for liposuction, although marginal, will most likely get an improved, enhanced result from the procedure as compared to non laser assisted lipectomy patients.


Although the surgical time to undergo the procedure is longer than with the conventional liposuction, the diminished bleeding associated with the procedure results in safer and smoother post operative recoveries.  The skin cascading and waviness effect that sometimes is seen in marginal liposuction patients in the post operative periods, subjectively seems to have decreased in incidence following the laser assistance.

The Acculift laser is most effective for liposuction of the chin, jaw line, arms and inner thighs.
Why chose CosmeSurge®: we have trained dozens of plastic surgeons on this laser as our team has pioneered the use of this technology.


We have conducted so far over 300 surgeries and the results are good to excellent in over 90% of the cases. The skin in the remaining patients did not respond as well in terms of tightening but there was never any case that got worse. This laser is FDA approved and does carry the CE European mark of safety as well.

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