Dr. Nahed Farhat

Dermatologist 1998 Graduate at Faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University, SYRIA 2003 Specialist Dermatologist, Ministry of Public Health, Damascus, SYRIA CLINICAL... View Article

Dr. Manal Sedrak

Specialist Dermatologist Masters in Dermatology, Venereology and Andrology EXPERTISE: Examination and treatment of skin disorders, medically, using ultraviolet, electrical cautery and... View Article

Dr. Taima Tanjour

General Practitioner Dentist 24 years of experience EXPERTISE: Cosmetic restoration Closing diastema using veneers, crowns and cosmetic restorations Replacement of... View Article

Dr. Hela Baccouche

General Practitioner Dentist Member of The Tunisian Dentists Board Post Graduate Certificate in Implantology & Parodontology Certificate in Aesthetic Restorative... View Article

Dr. Rana Mahfoud

Specialist Dermatologist Master’s in Dermatology & Venereology from Ministry of Health, Damascus. Member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Member... View Article

Carissa Sheila Pilapil

Esthetician EXPERTISE: LPG and smooth shape treatments for cellulite, firming and toning Micro and diamond-dermabrasion Cosmelane, TCA, peels for dark... View Article

Dr. Lana Kashlan

Dr. Lana Kashlan is an American Board of Dermatology certified, consultant dermatologist. She has recently joined Emirates Hospitals Group and is... View Article

Dr. Maher Atassi

Dr. Maher Atassi

Dr. Maher Atassi is the Chief of Dentistry at Emirates Hospitals Group. Dr. Atassi received his Doctor of Dental Medicine... View Article

Dr. Anoud Al Kikhia

Specialist Dermatologist with more than 20 years of experience in the Derma field Master’s degree holder in Dermatology from University... View Article

Dr.Maria Rubatti

Dr.Maria Rubatti

Specialist in Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Master in Cosmetic Surgery (UCA) Medical Degree approved by Spain General Surgery Residency at... View Article