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Gastric Balloon

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Procedures - Cosmetic Surgery

Non Surgical Treatment for Obesity


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Dr Wael Dahan

Dr. Wael Dahan

American board of
gastroenterology Harvard


Being overweight makes you look ill-shaped which automatically reduces your self-confidence. But now with advanced technology medical science discovers effective ways to get rid of obesity and fat, both. At Cosmesurge We are proud to introduce a new device for weight loss surgery The Spatz™ Adjustable Balloon System which is a non-surgical weight loss therapy for overweight and obese patients. The system's innovative feature offers greater weight-loss success and an increased patient safety.

This device is unlike the regular gastric balloon it has an innovative valve, allowing the balloon volume to be adjusted in the patient's stomach via a routine endoscopy procedure. Each additional volume produces a fresh effect facilitating renewed weight loss.

More significantly, our system allows us to decrease the balloon volume, which can give the stomach time to "re-set" back to normal. After the "re-set" period this balloon can be inflated again for a fresh start and a renewed effect. All of this is available only with a balloon that is adjustable.







This system of the Spatz device protects the deflated balloon from entering into the intestine. A patient can have the balloon in the stomach for one year as it won't be harmful to any of the internal organs.


The Spatz™ Adjustable Balloon System is a fluid filled balloon with an attached anchor and adjustability valve - the first in gastric balloons. The Spatz Adjustable balloon system is a fifteen minute out-procedure which automatically reduces the patients eating capacity. The procedure allows patients to be discharged within a few hours of the operation.


How Is The Spatz™ Adjustable Balloon System Different?


The unique combination of longer implantation time and adjustability of the balloon volume can provide the means to achieve greater weight loss.


Advantages of Gastric Balloon


  • · Have a feeling of satiety (fullness)

  • · Quicker adaptation to the gastric balloon

  • · Fewer post-operative symptoms lasting shorter time

  • · Lose more weight than with other diet programs

  • · Be supported by a team of medical experts

  • · Have the benefits of a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach


Your diet after getting the gastric balloon

During the first week following the gastric balloon surgery, you will be placed on a liquid diet. Your dietician will also advise you to increase your water intake then you will move to a soft diet for another week. After that, the dietician will provide you with a meal program where you can start eating solids.

The diet program will consist of calorie restrictions to help you get started with your weight loss plan. For the next twelve months that you have the balloon in your stomach, you will need to follow a diet program specifically designed for your condition.


You will also need to meet with the team that handles your case to monitor your progress and provide you with sufficient training and education on proper weight loss. The program will make it easier for you to gradually get used to the lifestyle changes that will help you maintain weight loss later on when you don't have the gastric balloon in your stomach.


FAQ's regarding gastric balloon


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