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chin augmentation

Why is Chin augmentation surgery popular among men?

  • Nov 05, 2021

What is chin augmentation?

Restructuring and improving the size and shape of the chin is called chin
augmentation. It is a plastic surgery procedure that can be executed by an expert. The procedure requires careful
planning by the expert. It involves relocation and reshaping of bones or can be done successfully through implants.

So, now comes the obvious question that why is chin augmentation surgery popular among

The surgery can define the jawline and add strength to it. If you think that cosmetic surgery
is synonymous with women then you need to check the number of men visiting such clinics in recent times. Men also want
to enhance their appearance and look their best.

Chin augmentation is often associated with men more than women.
The reason is simple. Men want to have a defined jawline. It helps to balance the proportion of facial features. It
boosts the confidence of men and improves their look.

Injectable products like RADIESSE and other filler
combinations are easily available and popular too. Chin augmentation is a popular procedure that most men with receding
chins prefer to opt for. A surgical option to get the perfect chin is a successful option for men with similar

Here are the top reasons that make the surgery popular among men:

  • Defined
    If you find your favourite superhero having a defined jawline that looks rock-like and you
    also want the same, then there is nothing wrong with it. You can also get the perfect stone-like jawline if you
    want. A visit to the cosmetic surgeon will help you discover the popularity of chin augmentation and your
    possibilities to explore the treatment deliverables.
  • Combine with other surgeries
    Chin augmentation can easily gel along with other surgeries too. If a man wants to undergo a facelift
    or a neck lift, then chin augmentation can be combined with these surgeries and the results are impressive. The
    entire package can be availed by the patient and it will act like an ensemble package that can give the
    much-awaited appearance to the patient.
  • No scarring Most of the incisions are
    hidden and are not even visible to the eyes because these are under the chin or inside the lips. Once the
    procedure is done and healed, you will love the transformation and think that everything done to get the surgery
    was worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Get handsome looks to complement your facial features.
  • Boosts confidence This is the best advantage of getting chin augmentation done. If this is the
    only gap between you and your happiness, then the gap can be easily reduced and covered with the help of chin
    augmentation from CosmeSurge.

Who should not undergo the procedure?

However, there
are a few limitations for chin augmentation. There are a few men with the following conditions who should not consider
undergoing the knife for the procedure.

  • Men who do not have good health should not consider this surgery.
  • People who think and have unreasonable expectations from the surgery should maintain distance from the
  • Share the list of medications that you consume regularly or daily. Based on the analysis
    performed by the expert, the patient will be advised whether or not he is eligible to undergo the procedure.
    Certain medications can interfere with the treatment of chin augmentation and not yield the desired results. So,
    discuss the medications that you consume beforehand.
  • If you suffer from cardiac issues or are a
    hypertension patient then do not think about chin augmentation because you are not the right candidate for the
  • If you take anticoagulants, then do not think about the technique.

cosmetic surgeon in CosmeSurge will conduct an in-depth analysis of the patient and do the necessary investigations to
be sure about the procedure.

The materials used to manufacture chin implants play a pivotal role to give the best
visual impact to the product. Silicone chin implant is popular. To give a customized fit, the cosmetic surgeon will
reshape the implant according to the requirement of the patient. The artificial plant is made to sit under the chin to
boost the chin and make it appear defined. The procedure ideally takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Local or general
anaesthesia is used for the treatment procedure.


It is always recommended to visit a renowned
cosmetic surgeon for such procedures who are adept in the technique so that they can provide the best results. Moreover,
talking to the patients who have already undergone the surgery will also present an enlightened picture of the procedure
and help you to make the right decision with confidence.

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