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Rejuvenate your skin this valentine season with Botox treatment scaled

Rejuvenate your skin this valentine season with Botox treatment

  • Mar 14, 2022

Love is in the air because Valentine’s Day is around the corner.
Now it is time to take care of your dear one or yours’. Isn’t it?
This Valentine’s season, you can gift yourself a rejuvenating look, or book an appointment for your dear one. Now the time has changed, gifts don’t confine in chocolates, teddy or perfume, instead of old boring gifts, you can gift something new like skin rejuvenating spa, anti-aging facial, Botox, or derma filler. Everyone wants to look desirable on this special day. 
Make your date special with us. We will help you to get back your beautiful, youthful skin. 
Look best on your valentines’ day, finally, do something to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Being a caring partner give some pamper treatment to your loved one. Trust us it will be a unique idea to make her surprised.

What is Botox treatment?

Before gifting Botox as a valentines’ gift you should have a profound idea about the treatment. It is a cosmetic treatment to reduce the appearance of ageing symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. Doctors use this treatment to resolve neck spasms, excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, lazy eyes, and overactive bladder. Botox injection also treats chronic migraines.
Botox protein is extracted from Botulinum toxin A that has the ability to temporarily prevent muscle movements. Bacteria produce this toxin which causes botulism poisoning.
Botox comes in the different forms of different brands, known as Dysport, Myobloc, Xeomin. Each product is slightly different from the other particularly in the matter of dosage units which is not changeable.

How does it work?

Botox is a neurotoxin in nature. Neurotoxin means it targets the nervous system that disrupts the nerve signalling process which stimulates muscle contraction. This is the simple process of temporary muscle paralysis. 
The nerve releases acetylcholine, a chemical messenger to contract targeted muscle. Acetylcholine connects to receptors on the muscle cell which encourages cells of the targeted area to contract.
Botox injection blocks the release of acetylcholine that stops muscle cells from contracting. 

Cosmetic application of Botox injection

In the USA, scientists produce four to five million Botox proteins every year. Why? Because of its immense demand as an effective anti-ageing treatment. It is a promising treatment to neutralize deep wrinkles on your face like smile lines, worry lines, chin dimpling, vertical lip lines. 
These deep grooves appear due to repeat contractions over time and they are difficult to eliminate.
Botox injections come in different brands with different dosage units, such as Xeomin, Dysport, and Juvederm. All these neurotoxins force muscles to relax, therefore skin remains flat, and your face looks smooth and youthful for the next two to six months. Botox treatment not only eliminates deep lines but also prevent them to form again.
You can see a noticeable result within 15 days. 

Let’s see some common use of Botox treatment.

Cervical dystonia: It is a very painful condition where your neck muscle gets contracted which causes your head to twist or turn into a very uncomfortable condition.

Lazy eye: The prime cause of lazy eye is the imbalance in the muscles around the eyes

Hyperhidrosis: It is the problem of excessive sweating even when the temperature is not very hot, or you are not doing any intense workout.

Cosmetically the Botox injection can be used in the areas such as the mid position of eyebrows or glabellar region. Botox effectively treat moderate to severe frown lines, also treat lines at end of the eyes, also known as crow’s feet lines.
Do you want to look serene like a queen? Schedule your appointment now.

Love yourself, love your skin

On this valentines’ day, a slight reminder from us; it is time to make yourself happy too. Self-love makes you confident and overcomes any negative thoughts. Valentine’s week offers us a good opportunity to show yourselves some love and care. So, why not for your skin. Pamper your face with cosmetic treatment to look beautiful and evergreen.

At CosmeSurge our skincare department is run by an experienced dermatologist, skin experts, and plastic surgeons. When you book an appointment, they will assess your skin and make a customized treatment according to your skin condition. It is the best way to gift yourself, or your loved one a cosmetic treatment which will help you to look gorgeous on 14th Feb, and beyond the date.

A scientific study performed an experiment to find out which cosmetic treatment women prefer to receive for valentine’s Day- the answer is Botox anti-aging treatment; it remains the top preference. 

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