CosmeSurge offers realistic weight loss solutions to our patients without hunger, deprivation or excessive exercise. This comes with results that give you, life-changing health benefits that come with weight loss transformations.
Solutionsoften include energy boost and reversing of digestive problems or health conditions caused by obesity or overweight. Our professionals understand and profile your requirements individually through one on one consultations before any kind of treatment.

Our top treatments include Arosha body slimming, Lpg, Emsculpt, Coolsculpting, Sculpsure and Redustim which are all non-surgical procedures with no side effects but using topical massages to help reach your desired goals.
All procedures are our expert’s recommended after profiling the needs, and caters to the physical condition of the patient. Our doctors conduct a detailed body analysis before and after, in addition to evaluating conditions that cause irregularities or problems which might lead to being overweight or obese.



The newest innovation in body sculpting that offers effective non-invasive solution for burning fat and gaining muscle.


Arosha body

Arosha is an express slimming programme and a personalized treatment which delivers excellent results.



LPG is a non-invasive and painless treatment to reduce cellulite, firm and tone skin, and release fat from targeted areas.



ReduStim delivers excellent slimming results, especially at the waistline, and is an alternative to bariatric surgery