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Top 5 Ways For Keeping Healthy Hair During Ramadan

  • Apr 14, 2022

Everybody be it men or women, is always wondering about the secrets behind healthy hair! The search to get the glorious healthy mane will never end! People do their research and resort to scientific help to restore their hair before it’s too late. However, over the years, people have cracked that secret! They know that one can achieve it with the right food for healthy hair!

Ramadan is one month that detoxifies your body and soul! Dieticians, doctors, and beauty experts unanimously agree that one can get better health and beauty this month. Albeit, this means that you focus on a few things more! Along with work, cooking, and meeting loved ones, one also focuses on their health. It is not tough because we have all the right tips to follow in Ramdan helping you on how to have healthy hair!

1. Eating Right During Ramadan

Ramadan makes people rethink what’s on their plate! This is important! Firstly, because not only does one try to eat right but also focuses on food that has more energy and keeps you going for a long time! So what do you eat in Ramadan to get the luscious locks?

Eat Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Fasting is a complete science. As it cleanses and detoxifies your body! But what better happens in this detox mode is that the addition of fresh fruits gives a booster shot of antioxidants to your body. These antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals work on hair strength and growth!

Make sure to add a sufficient amount of Vitamin C to your diet. Bell peppers, oranges, berries, and other rich sources of Vitamin C boost collagen. This collagen in the simplest term is the factory underneath your skin and scalp that helps grow new skin and cells for healthy hair and scalp!

Eat Protein-Rich Diet

Protein is the main constituent of hair. Therefore including a good amount of protein is a guarantee, to get healthy hair. Make sure to have your fish, poultry, meat, or nuts to fix your protein demands during Ramadan.

Eggs in suhoor or post iftar combined with beans must be your routine. Vegans and vegetarians also should use nuts or other sources for their protein intake. Skin and nails also need protein for health and growth.

Take Supplements When Needed

There may be a lapse in your dietary requirements. You can ask your GP to prescribe a complete multi-vitamin. Maybe even a good hair gummy or a hair supplement. And the effect ultimately will show in your better health, good skin, and healthier hair!

2. Haircare Rituals During Ramadan

The hard water in UAE makes people ask how to make their hair soft? As the water hardness cannot be changed! What you can do is change the stuff going inside your body as well as outside on the hair. Make a pattern and follow your hair care ritual so there is the best health for your hair during Ramadan despite other changes in routine.


Hydrate your body to make your hair soft!

It is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. So during Ramadan, you need to drink the same amount post iftar. You can also add coconut water to your regime. Many people call it an elixir for hair! Because not only does it promote hair growth. But also softens your mane, and regular use is said to add volume as well!

Oiling Your Hair

External hydration plays an equally important role to make your hair soft, shiny, and strong. Try to get hold of a good, organic hair oil sans any perfume or added smell. Amla, coconut, or almond oils when applied correctly add shine and strength to the hair.

Homemade Hair Packs

You can make home hair packs. For instance, with the help of egg, yogurt, and banana mix, you can make your hair soft and shiny. Strike a balance between over-the-counter organic products along with homemade packs out of your pantry, and see the difference!

3. Live an Active lifestyle During Ramadan

As it gets hot and one starts fasting during Ramadan you must not think of going into couch potato mode. Most of us already have a sedentary lifestyle and that is never good. A healthy, working-out regime, promotes not only good health but also great healthy hair.

When we exercise, blood circulation increases. This allows for more nutrients and oxygen to get to the scalp.

Yogic Exercises

Furthermore, certain movements such as rubbing nails against each other are said to promote hair growth according to Ayurvedic and yogic beliefs.


An increase in blood circulation is good for hair, so doing headstands should also be a part of your exercise so that your scalp gets the maximum blood circulation to strengthen your hair roots.

4. Sleep Well and Do Relax

Stress, tension, and lack of sleep are a killer to health. Be it cardiac issues, kidney, skin, and hair – Everything gets negatively impacted due to stress. So try to manage your work stress that may stem during Ramadan due to fewer working hours. Target to get enough sleep and prioritize your well-being over excessive meet-ups with friends.

Try to massage your hair or go to a spa for your relaxation time, so your mind relaxes and releases feel-good hormones for your better health!

5. Keep Scalp Clean

The weather and heat of the UAE are unbearable. The sweat mixed with chemical products such as hair spray, mousse, etc can cause excessive product build-up on the scalp. This may lead to scalp issues, skin infections, and other troubles during Ramadan. Hence, it is a good idea to try to wash your hair daily and maintain a clean scalp.

Organic Shampoos & Conditioners

Try to use organic shampoos, SLS-free products, and kitchen products in place of conditioners. Organic hair shampoos help to keep your scalp clean daily and your hair healthy.

Therefore, fast for the holy month, make better spiritual aims for your life, and also keep the above pointers in mind for healthy shiny hair!

As for all those who are struggling with excessive hair loss and none of the tips work! You can opt for a safe and surgical method of hair transplant for your head and face as well!

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