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Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

The objective of breast implant removal surgery is to remove implants from breast augmentation or breast reconstruction patients. During these procedures, the surgeon may also remove silicone material from implant leaks and the breast capsule, which is the scar tissue that forms after the placement of a breast implant.

Who Should Consider Breast Implant Removal?

Who Should Consider Breast Implant Removal?

You may want to consider removing your implants because of following reasons:

  • Pain and discomfort in the back or neck
  • Implants deflation, rupture or leakage
  • Unhappy with the size of the breast after implants
  • If the implant is compressed by scar tissue which causes discomfort because the shape is affected
  • There are chances that the implants can move out of position. They can end up higher, lower, outwards or inwards than desired.

Choose The Right Doctor

A successful plastic surgery solely depends upon the right choice of the doctor. While choosing a doctor you must make sure that he or she fulfills the below parameters:

  • Board-certification

  • Extensive experience

  • Positive reviews

  • Sharing real results

  • Understands your case and expectations

  • Good aesthetic eye

Your Journey with CosmeSurge


During your breast implant removal consultation, be prepared to discuss about your surgical goals, medical conditions, drug allergies, current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use and details of previous surgeries.

Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors. The doctor will examine your breasts and may take photos of your breasts, measure them. You will also discuss the possible outcomes of the removal surgery and what the best treatment options


A breast implant removal surgery will depend on many factors such as age, implant condition and your surgeon will then ask you to undergo imaging, such as an ultrasound, mammogram, or MRI, before the procedure.

During the surgery, small incisions are created along the lower folds of the breasts to remove the implants. The surgery is performed in an outpatient basis and you can expect to be discharged the same day. While you can recover at home, you should expect a minimum of one week of downtime. You may also be prescribed special compression garments to speed up the healing process.

After Surgery

After your procedure, you may need to have drains, which are small, thin tubes temporarily placed under the skin within the pocket to drain any excess blood or serous fluid that may collect.

The time required for recovery varies from person to person and depends upon the nature of the technique used. You might experience pain and discomfort around the breasts after the surgery, and to cure this, you will be prescribed some pain killers. Experiencing swelling and bruising is quite normal after the surgery. However, it will settle down after few weeks. You will be able to resume your day-to-day activities after a week.

After Care

In order to have successful long-lasting results it is important to follow the below:

  • You should take the medications prescribed by your surgeon regularly.
  • You will be recommended a surgical bra, which you’ll have to wear for some days.
  • It is also advisable to not to sleep on your stomach.
  • Avoid all the activities which exert pressure on your breasts.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects and raising arms frequently.
  • Strenuous activities are forbidden.
  • It is important to attend the follow-up appointments with your doctor to keep track of your progress.
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