CosmeSurge® is an industry leader in providing quality cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine including cosmetic liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, nose reshaping, obesity surgery, hair transplantation, dermatology and laser hair removal, dentistry, and weight management services. We have a large team of doctors who are specialists within these areas.

Why CosmeSurge

See why so many people trust CosmeSurge to enhance their appearance.

State of the Art Centers

Our centers offer comprehensive programs to turn back the clock on ageing so that you can look your absolute best. Each center follows the same strict international standards for quality, safety, and privacy while ensuring continuity of care through our expanding network of convenient locations, including the following centers in the GCC:


Skilled Doctors With Years Of Experience

Many of our specialists have been in the business of empowering patients with confidence for years, and each location has a large team of qualified sub-specialists in plastic surgery to give you the power of choice.

Affordable Pricing

We want you to be comfortable with the entire process, so we assist with the financial aspect as well – from working with the insurance companies to see what they cover to coming up with a plan to finance your procedure, if needed.

We Respect Your Privacy

Cosmetic surgery is a private matter, so we maintain the utmost confidentiality and privacy for all of our patients.