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Rosacea is one of the most common skin conditions characterized by redness and bumps on the cheeks, forehead, nose, chest, neck, and chin. It’s a chronic facial skin issue that may also come with symptoms like swelling, burning (or itching) sensation of the eyes and small red lines. Rosacea is often mistaken for acne, eczema or skin allergy and people tend to ignore it often.
While rosacea can be difficult to completely cure but our experienced dermatologists can help control the symptoms through a combination of non-surgical treatment which is fit for every type be it acne rosacea, vascular rosacea, ocular rosacea or Rhinophyma. It typically affects lighter-skinned patients (women in particular between the age 30 to 50), though it can happen to anyone and the specific cause behind it is still not known.

Choose The Right Doctor

A successful result entirely depends upon the right choice of the doctor. While choosing the doctor you must make sure that the doctor fulfills the below parameters

  • Board-certification

  • Extensive experience

  • Positive reviews

  • Sharing real results

  • Understands your case and expectations

  • Good aesthetic eye

Your Journey with CosmeSurge


During your consultation, you will discuss with the dermatologist your expectations and goals with treatment for rosacea. You will be asked about your medical health and a complete health check is done followed by evaluation of the skin redness, blemishes and inflammation to understand the problem completely. Based on the extent of the problem and skin type, texture and tenor, a personalized treatment plan will be devised.

You may be asked to follow certain guidelines prior to the treatment such as stop using certain medications, skin cream, lotions, avoid sun exposure for a certain period.


Based on the rosacea type and skin condition, there are three treatment options available:

  • Laser Treatment: This procedure involves the use of pulses of light which are directed to the blood vessels responsible for causing facial redness. With laser heat, the blood vessels are disrupted and gradually fade away without causing damage to the skin or tissues
  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL): This treatment uses light energy to target or disrupt the blood vessels beneath the skin. During the procedure, a controlled beam of pulsed light is directed to the affected area so that the underlying blood vessels can absorb it and start to break away. Those blood vessels get absorbed by the body in a natural manner over time, resulting in reduced redness and blemishes on the face.
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy: It’s a painless procedure that combines special lights with a topical photosensitizing drug to reduce the redness and inflammation linked to rosacea. This is how the skin becomes clear-looking over time with no blemishes left.
  • Homecare: New rosacea medications have been developed in recent years. The type of medication your doctor prescribes depends on signs and symptoms you're experiencing.

Post Treatment

Based on the treatment plan, there may be little to no downtime, there might be slight redness or sensitivity for a few days which will subside gradually. As the sessions progress you will see a noticeable difference in the condition and texture of your skin. It will appear more cleaner and brighter, while skin appearance will change dramatically.


For long-lasting results, following doctor instructions is vital and maintenance session should be attended, if required. Moisturizing your skin on frequent basis is necessary and restrict sun exposure and apply sunscreen in the weeks following the treatment.

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