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Interesting Facts about Injection Lipolysis

  • Jun 07, 2021

Who doesn’t want to get back to shape with just injections? Injection Lipolysis helps you achieve exactly that.
Injection lipolysis happens is a non-surgical procedure performed on the face, chin or body to remove unwanted and stubborn fat. Ideally, the smaller areas of fat on the specific parts of the body can be targeted. If you have fatty tissues on the hips, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, you can be a great candidate.
Here are some facts about Injection Lipolysis that will give you a clearer idea about it and help you make up your mind whether to go for this or not.

Is Injection Lipolysis Painful?

The injections are not painful as there are just a few nerve fibers in the subcutaneous tissue. Patients will just feel a slight prick and a mere sensation of burning and itching for the first 2 hours. Only 3-4% of patients require a pain killer on the first night post-procedure.

How Does Injection Lipolysis Reduce Fat Deposit?

PPT or Phosphatidylcholine, in this procedure, is injected directly into unwanted fat deposits. The active substance is a natural compound made of soya beans. The body itself utilizes this to produce the substance in the same composition for performing multiple tasks especially in the field of metabolism of fat.
Lipolysis Injection should not be regarded as a new miracle drug for weight reduction. But when the Fat deposits cannot be eliminated by converted therapeutic exercises or nutritional therapy, the lipolysis injections initiate a procedure through which fat is melted away and then eliminated from the body through the usual process of metabolism.
In this case, the medication is injected directly into the area of concern. The fat cells melt away as a result of that and are consequently eliminated. Due to the elasticity, the skin contracts at an increasing degree to construct a homogenous surface.

Can You Lose Weight with Injection Lipolysis?

This is one therapy that is not intended to be a medium of weight reduction. But you can easily lose the unwanted deposits of localized fats like fat on the thigh, double chin, upper arms and belly.

Who Are Not Suitable for Injection Lipolysis?

This treatment cannot be administered to children or adolescents, breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women, and patients with severe and rare diseases. A certified doctor will help you and inform you whether this treatment is suitable for you during the personal consultation.

How to Prepare?

The doctor will bring forth specific information on how to prepare for the procedure. They may advise you to –

  • Avoid activity that may irritate the region that is meant to be treated for a week before your procedure. There is a high chance that the medications can interfere with the body’s healing procedure.
  • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners for a couple of weeks before the procedure. These can also interfere with the healing process of the body.

You should make your doctor aware of the pre-existing health issue or prescription medicines that you consume. This includes shaving and tanning. They can advise on any essential precaution.
Post-procedure, your doctor will give you a sheet of details that will make your recovery procedure easier and give your skin enough time to heal. You should also arrange a ride to reach home after the procedure especially if you are feeling any form of discomfort.

What Risks Are Associated with This?

Once the procedure is over, you can notice a slight sensitivity or swelling. Itching and reddening can also occur for about 2-4 days after the procedure. Sauna visits, massage and sports should be avoided for almost 3 days.
Though very rare, some hardening can occur like bruises and deep hematomas. But they are supposed to disappear post 2-6 weeks. This therapy is quite low on side effects. So it won’t present any risk if the health status of the individual and any resulting limitation are clarified beforehand and if the doctor you appoint is certified.
These are just some of the good-to-know facts that will help to clear your doubts and answer your questions that can pose as hindrances for you to arrive at a decision. Now that you know these, consult with an experienced and certified specialist today if you are interested to witness the benefits that Injection Lipolysis has to offer.

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