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Breast Reconstruction Options For Cancer Survivors

  • Oct 25, 2022

Globally the most common cancer type afflicting women is breast cancer. If anyone is diagnosed with the big c anywhere on their body it is a life-altering experience. However, Asian and black women have another level of fear and inhibition attached to breast cancer and its therapy.

This breast cancer fear dampens their spirit and they desire a swift breast reconstruction surgery. In the past years, our surgery statistics have also gone up for breast reconstruction surgery in UAE & Dubai.

What is Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Women, in particular, have a lot to think about even while undergoing cancer treatment. They have to decide their breast reconstruction surgery options post-treatment.
It is important to understand that women have esteem and confidence issues strapped to their appearance. Therefore, helping them understand the possible options is vital.
In simplest words, breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure to rebuild or recreate the breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

  • Flap reconstruction
  • Implant reconstruction
  • Oncoplastic reconstruction
  • Nipple reconstruction

However, some women may choose to stay breast-free or others wear a prosthesis. It is a breast form, which they can wear in their bra.

Why Women Choose Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Cosmesurge has helped many Emirati and foreign women in their breast reconstruction surgery in UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.
There are many psychological and aesthetic reasons for getting breast reconstruction surgery in UAE such as:

  • To retain body confidence and feel happy
  • To regain the breast shape
  • Restore symmetry between both breasts
  • Have a natural filled look underneath clothes
  • A permanent solution to avoid prosthesis

When Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery Done?

The patient is exposed to many views and life-altering facts from an appearance change to a new lifestyle for staying healthy.
Hence, this must be done once the patient is mentally ready.
However, if a patient is counseled enough and has no serious medical conditions then doing the breast reconstruction surgery at the time of mastectomy is a good idea because:

  • It decreases the feeling of loss
  • Expedites the healing process
  • Potential smaller scar due to sparing of skin

Breast Reconstruction Procedure Selection

Medical science has advanced phenomenally. But what may seem correct for many may not fit everyone. Hence, finding the best plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction surgery is vital. For the fact that they will suggest a solution based on a few facts such as:

  • Patient’s body type & medical history
  • Cancer treatment/s
  • Type of mastectomy

At Cosmesurge, our team of surgeons understands the anatomy and aesthetics of the female body are confidence-boosting. Therefore, they create and offer the best solutions for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other states.
Our safe and private environment gives full privacy to the client and they can comfortably consult the doctor to discuss their issues and concerns regarding the surgery.

The two most successful techniques are best used for patients of breast reconstruction surgery and garner great results.

Implant reconstruction

In implant reconstruction, surgeons use saline or silicone implants for breast reconstruction. Depending on the case, surgeons may create the breast with implants as well as the patient’s body tissues.
The types of implant reconstruction are:

  • Under the chest: The implant is inserted under the chest muscle.
  • Above the chest muscle: The surgeon places the implant on top of the muscle.
  • Implant with tissue expander: Your surgeon places an expander under your skin. About once per week, you or your healthcare provider fills the expander with saline. Your skin gradually expands (stretches). Your surgeon will place the implant once your skin has expanded enough to cover it.

The doctor inserts the silicone-based implant either on top or below the chest muscle. Then there are a series of steps in the procedure to make the shape and symmetry perfect for the patient.
There is a tissue expander placed in the body to give volume. The doctors inject saline water weekly into this tissue expander. This is done in weekly sessions.

Next, as the right size is achieved the doctors perform the surgery. The tissue expander is taken out and the implant is inserted. The doctors can further help with nipple and areola reconstruction with the help of tattooing and chest tissues.

Flap Reconstruction

For this skin fat, muscle, and tissue from the body are taken. It could be acquired from the belly, thighs, or back to reconstruct the breast. The surgical procedure may be long but its results are also long-lasting.
The downtime for flap reconstruction is higher as you are required to heal without infections. But the look is much more natural and the probability of the body accepting your fat is much higher. This ensures that you get a natural look for breast reconstruction surgery.

All said and done, cancer is a serious enemy that leaves you changed for the better if you have a positive outlook! This Pinktober Cosmesurge stands with our fighter breast cancer survivors! This is a message for them to know that when the going gets tough, science and surgeons will make their path to finding their confidence back easy. We redefine your beauty and confidence every time you feel low.

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