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Breast & Nipple Reconstruction

Breast & Nipple Reconstruction

Breast & Nipple Reconstruction

If you are planning to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy for breast cancer, then you may want to consider breast reconstruction surgery for restoring a natural and symmetrical breast. The surgery can help restore the breast/s to a normal shape.

Breast reconstructive surgery is often the most preferred because it can be performed either alongside the breast cancer surgery or later.

Breast reconstruction may also involve reconstruction of your nipple, if you choose to define the dark area of skin surrounding your nipple (areola).

Breast Reconstruction surgery can either be done immediately with mastectomy or after few months from the mastectomy.

Who Should Consider Breast & Nipple Reconstruction?

Who Should Consider Breast & Nipple Reconstruction?

You may opt for breast reconstructive surgery, if you have had or are about to have a mastectomy, either because you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer or are at high risk of developing it in the future.

For most patients undergoing a mastectomy, the nipple and areola are removed. Therefore, many women choose to undergo nipple reconstruction surgery.

Choose The Right Doctor

A successful plastic surgery solely depends upon the right choice of the doctor. While choosing a doctor you must make sure that he or she fulfills the below parameters:

  • Board-Certification

  • Extensive Experience

  • Positive Reviews

  • Sharing Real Results

  • Understands your Case and Expectations

  • Good Aesthetic Eye

Your Journey with CosmeSurge


Your plastic surgeon will describe your surgical options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of breast reconstruction and may show you photos of women who have had different types of breast reconstruction. Your body type, health status and cancer treatment factor into which type of reconstruction will provide the best result. The plastic surgeon provides information on the anaesthesia, the location of the operation and what kind of follow-up procedures may be necessary.

There are certain guidelines that the doctor will advise you to follow before the surgery, like maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regularly, stop smoking and alcohol and avoid certain medication.


There are two main techniques for reconstructing your breast:

  • Implant Reconstruction: Inserting an implant that's filled with saline (salt water) or silicone gel.
  • Autologous or "Flap" Reconstruction: Using tissue transplanted from another part of your body (such as your belly, thigh, or back). Autologous reconstruction also may include an implant. You also can choose whether to reconstruct your nipple. (In some cases, nipple-sparing mastectomy is possible, which means that your own nipple and the surrounding breast skin are preserved.)

Post Surgery

After the surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage or support bra will minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal. Immediate reconstruction surgery has a longer recovery time than for mastectomy alone. Recovery from delayed reconstruction is much quicker. With autologous tissue surgery, there's a second surgery site that will need to be cared for as it heals. It's important to know that it can take up to 2 months before the results of breast reconstruction can be seen. In the first 2 months of recovery from breast reconstruction surgery, you might experience: fatigue, pain, bruising, swelling, or soreness in the breasts, restrictions of movement, such as lifting the arms overhead

After Care

In order to have successful long-lasting results it is important to follow the below:

  • You should take the medications prescribed by your surgeon regularly.
  • Wear a surgical bra to minimize swelling
  • It is also advisable to not to sleep on your stomach.
  • Avoid all the activities which exert pressure on your breasts.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects and raising arms frequently.
  • Strenuous activities are forbidden.
  • It is important to attend your follow-up appointments in order to keep track of your progress.
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