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Treatments that work for cellulite removal

  • Feb 07, 2022

So, the sight of cellulite in your body is not a very impressive one. You must be looking forward to removing it. But reducing or removing cellulite is not a very easy process. But neither is it a difficult one. Medical Science has an answer for tackling cellulite with a complete cure. Moreover, a couple of natural ways can also come to your rescue. You will find this article insightful and helpful in terms of dealing with cellulite. So, let’s go step-by-step.

What is Cellulite?

The appearance of dimpled or lumpy skin on your body, predominantly on thighs, butts, back of arms, or stomach is Cellulite. It occurs when globules of fat start to develop under the skin causing unevenness of the skin.

Common causes of Cellulite

  • Hormonal changes (including cortisol and oestrogen) can be one of the top causes of cellulite.
  • A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle can contribute to the development of cellulite on the skin.
  • Lack of exercise is another major reason for the development of cellulite.
  • Body weight also causes cellulite. Increased fatty deposits lead to the formation of uneven skin.
  • If the blood circulation in the human body is faulty, then cellulite can form on the skin.
  • A weak collagen structure in the body leads to skin thinning and reduces elasticity in the skin causing cellulite.
  • Fluid retention also causes cellulite
  • Dehydrated skin has several problems and cellulite formation is also one amongst them.
  • Too much exposure of skin to sunlight
  • Smoking

5 natural ways to get rid of cellulite

1.Maintain a healthy diet

Diet plays a pivotal role in our health. It also helps to make our body supple. Certain foods have the capability to help us deal with cellulite. It can only help to diminish cellulite. Including foods like flaxseeds, hydrating fruits and veggies, clean proteins, high-fibrous and potassium-rich foods, and water can help us deal with cellulite. These can also help in keeping cellulite away.

2.Eat more collagen

The layers in our skin are made of collagen or collagen structure, as we normally call it When collagen structure is strong, the appearance of cellulite can be diminished. It gives elasticity, youth, and a smooth texture to the human body.

Bone Broth (chicken, lamb, fish, etc.) contain amino acids that build collagen in the human body and ward off cellulite.

3.Maintain an active lifestyle

Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise is an answer to many diseases and problems in the human body. The best exercises are High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Isometric and Weight Training.

4.Consume Anti-Cellulite Supplements

Consume a dose of nutrition supplements like kola, bromelain and proteolytic enzymes, African Mango, and Green Coffee Extract.

5.Essential oils

Essential oils like Grapeseed can be combined with coconut oil to massage the skin. It is a topical application oil that helps to deal with cellulite and prevents the formation of fatty deposits on the skin.

Now, let us see research-oriented and medical or invasive treatments of Cellulite:

  • Laser and Radiofrequency treatment

    Laser treatment is effective in reducing cellulite.

    Cellulaze is a minimally invasive laser treatment in which a small laser fibre is inserted into the skin. It helps in breaking tough bands under the skin that causes dimpled skin. It can also help to thicken the skin. The results can last up to 6 months and a return of cellulite is possible.

    There is a device that delivers heat in the body (radiofrequency) that can lead to the disappearance of cellulite on the skin. It can lead to diminishing cellulite in most cases. But several sessions are required for the therapy to show the desired results. This is a nonablative treatment and hence requires repeated sessions.

  • Acoustic Wave Therapy

    The gel is applied to the skin and a small handheld device is run on the impacted area of the skin. The device sends sound waves inside the body that causes the breaking of cellulite. Again, this too requires repeated sessions to see the difference in the skin appearance.

  • Surgery

    One of the most common procedures prescribed by doctors to get rid of stubborn cellulite is surgery. The is an invasive procedure that requires the support of blades, needles, and other specialised tools. Fat grafting helps to improve skin texture and the results are stable, varying between 2-3 years.

  • Cellfina

    Cellfina is a mechanical treatment that is FDA-certified. It requires the insertion of a thin blade under the skin through a tiny incision. Local anaesthesia is required for the procedure. It is one of the lasting treatments, resulting in a minimum of 3 years of lasting results. You can notice the results within a few days.

Final thoughts

Treatments for every problem in our body exist. We need to decide on the best option that can work well in our bodies. CosmeSurge has the best combo of experts and techniques to help tackle Cellulite. The cosmetic surgeons in the clinic have years of experience and can provide the patients with the best treatment options and suggestions.

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