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Dr. Levente Deak

Dr. Levente Deak

Dr. Levente Deak

  • Designation: Consultant Otolaryngologist
  • Department: ENT
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • Languages: Hungarian , English
  • Location: Dubai, Jumeirah CosmeSurge Hospital
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About Me

Hi, I am Dr. Levente Deak, a distinguished Consultant Otolaryngologist who lives and breathes my profession. With a relentless passion for his work, I specialize in addressing nasal issues, particularly in the realm of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty.

Boasting over two decades of experience as an internationally accredited ENT consultant, I have worked with prestigious hospitals across the globe. My consultant roles in the United Kingdom and the UAE underscore my global acclaim.

Through my career, I have delved deep into research, garnering prestigious awards such as the Spoendlin and Bekesy during my fellowships. Research isn’t in my past—it’s integral to my medical practice, with up to 15 publications annually in top-tier international scientific journals.

A fervent advocate for staying at the forefront of his field, I actively engage with peers at international congresses, ensuring I am armed with the latest advancements to tailor cutting-edge treatment plans for my patients. Committed to knowledge-sharing, I conduct training programs for budding ENT doctors and am a highly sought-after speaker at international conferences.

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  • Rhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty
  • Turbinoplasty
  • Sinus Surgery
  • Nose & Sinus Clinic
  • Fat Transfer
  • Ear Correction
  • ENT Surgery
  • Aesthetic Surgery

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