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Dr. Bayan Kaddoura

Dr. Bayan Kaddoura

Dr. Bayan Kaddoura

  • Designation: General Practitioner
  • القسم: الطب العام
  • Nationality: Palestinian
  • Languages: إنجليزي , عربي
  • القسم: Fujairah

ابدأ رحلتك اليوم

(COSME) 800 26763 احجز موعدًا

About Me

I am a doctor graduated from Dubai Medical College in 2018 with 2 years of experiences as a General Practitioner in private sector. Adept in properly diagnosing and strategizing for the best treatment plans for the patient. Bringing forth an empathetic and professional attitude, committed to providing patients with the best care possible. A strong leader who works well under pressure and with other medical professionals.
I am also interested in learning new things to improve my knowledge and my skills.

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  • General Medicine


  • Medical degree-MBBS from DMC in UAE

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