Treatments for every part of your body.
We have a highly skilled team that specializes in more than 60 different cosmetic procedures. Whether you are looking to treat a part of your body, restore your hairline, improve your smile, or for an alternative to cosmetic/plastic surgery we have you covered!


Acne scar

A scar is made of collagen and scarring can be of two types. If the body produces less collage


Cysts and skin lesions

Cysts and skin lesions can be removed under local anesthesia at any of our centers with the minimum of discomfort.


IPL ellipse

Excessive exposure to the sun ages the skin prematurely. Harsh sunlight damages collagen


Laser hair removal

Tired of shaving? Fed up with the pain of waxing? You can get noticeable reduction in hair regrowth with laser hair removal.


Laser skin resurfacing

Laser facial resurfacing removes the upper layers of facial skin with a laser and improves a person’s appearance.


Melasma & uneven color

Melasma is brown spots and uneven pigmentation on the face. Learn how we can help you cope with this condition.



Mesotherapy is a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of cellulite, hair loss and face and neck rejuvenation.