Nutritional balance is one of the most important factors of beauty retention and healthy living and like most other beauty related industries, self-proclaimed nutritional experts or brands have been bombarding people with conflicting advice and diets that are often found to be deteriorating and having negative effects when it comes to health. However, it is often the youthful beauty that most aspire for. While cosmetics are easily applicable to mass needs but the same cannot be said with nutrition. The right nutritional needs only lie within our unique DNA combination. This is the reason why most weight loss or nutritional plans fail. CosmeSurge is one of the best clinics for these nutritional treatments because our professionals believe in these unique diets built for you based on your genetic makeup to other potential medical problems that may have been skipped in usual tests.

These treatments are clinically proven to help you lose weight and promote healthy habits.
Our team at CosmeSurge helps you understand the best diet or treatment to help you live a healthy lifestyle without the multitude of almost impossible fad diets that promise to help you live normally with the right plans and education for all times of your life. Consulting and counsellingare available for all people in different phases of their life including teenagers and pregnant women.


Are you a victim of conflicting advice from self-proclaimed nutritional experts who advocate the latest fad in nutrition or weight loss? Between these so-called ‘experts’ and profit-maximizing food manufactures, the quality of what most people eat has deteriorated in recent years and the impact on health has been quite negative.

Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges us to help you have a genetically healthy diet by analysing your genes and adjusting your nutrition so that more than 20 potential medical problems can be prevented. In addition, thanks to our genes you can find out how you can lose and maintain weight more effectively by knowing what predominantly contributes to obesity (fat or carbohydrates) and what is recommended for you (more sport or less food).
Furthermore, we can suffer from chronic health problems and many times the symptoms are hard to explain and seem unconnected to a cause. This may be due to intolerance to certain foods which have never been identified.

Although not life threatening, food intolerance should never be underestimated, since its impact on sufferers can be significant, severely impacting on their ability to live normal healthy lives.
Essentially, food intolerance is your body’s abnormal reaction to certain foods which can manifest itself in a number of ways. Some people will have one symptom such as a severe headache whilst others will be unfortunate to experience irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain, migraine and skin or respiratory conditions. Food intolerances can involve the immune system, usually mediated by IgG antibodies.

Our team of nutritional experts can advise you on a healthy lifestyle that will include:

  • Consulting patients before and after weight loss surgeries
  • Preparing personalised dietary plans for patients suffering from metabolic syndrome
  • Counselling pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Educating children and teenagers on healthy eating habits
  • Assisting in setting goals and monitoring progress
  • A personalised based plan on the food intolerance test – Food Print which tests over 200 different foods. Reference: Nutrition_Foodprint_MT_24.09.09_5
  • A personalised plan based on the genetic test that evaluates over 900 food types according to your genes by simply collecting your saliva. Reference: EHG-DNC_Faltblatt and EHG-DNC-WS_Faltblatt