There are equal number of women suffering in the silence with hair loss. Some common reasons for hair fall include PCOS or hormonal imbalances among many others that can be rightly diagnosed by professionals and help effectively find treatments for the specific requirement. There are middle age women who often show sign of balding pattern or androgenic alopecia and are often more difficult to camouflage.

At CosmeSurge all of these issues with men and women are often treated with clinically proven hair strengthening and nourishing treatments. In some case of most prominent baldness, hair restoration procedures are often prescribed based on the underlying causes for both men and women.
So, no matter your gender, treatments are available by a team of skilled professionals at CosmeSurge, who implement the best type of cosmetic procedure for your needs and requirements.


Eyebrow restoration

Get natural looking eyebrows with two to three sessions of hair transplant therapy. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Hair treatment

For thick, lustrous, natural-looking hair, consult our specialists on the hair treatment that’s most appropriate for you.


Hair transplant repair

Excessive exposure to the sun ages the skin prematurely. Harsh sunlight damages collagen