Breast Enhancement


Breast enhancement surgery increases the volume of the breasts and improves their shape. The procedure is relatively easy on the patient and there’s a high rate of patient satisfaction. The cosmetic results are visible almost immediately.

Harmony and Beauty are the keywords that describe the goal of any such procedure. The trend is to respect the original anatomical features and to provide volume and shape to tissues that may have shrunk after pregnancy or weight loss.


The operation consists of placing a textured breast implant trough a small incision underneath the breast tissue or the pectoral muscle. These procedures enhance nipple projection, increase the volume of the breast and lead to an elegant look.

There are several types of breast implants and they can contain cohesive silicone gel, hydrogel, or saline solutions, while the external lining is always silicone. The choice of the implant depends on the patient’ wishes, anatomical features, and surgical indications.

Slightly more natural results are achieved with anatomical implants, but the majority of surgeons report higher complications rates one to two years down the line. The current fifth generation implants (cohesive gel) come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. In rare cases of failure, the implant is replaced at no additional material cost except for the operating room and surgeon fees.

Breast augmentation is usually performed under local anaesthesia with IV sedation or general anaesthesia. In the immediate postoperative period of about 30 days, the patient has to wear a compressive bra. Normal social life can be resumed in one week but vigorous physical activity is not recommended for four to six weeks.

We have a sophisticated 3D camera and software system to simulate how you will look with different breast implants prior to the procedure.
Beauty experts identify the breasts as the centre of femininity, and the improvement in technology and safety of the operation have made it accessible for most woman.