Women Wellbeing

Women Wellbeing

Intimacy dysfunction is a set of problems hindering the engagement of a person into intimate activities leading to dissatisfaction as well as personal and relationship distress. Its prevalence is not gender or age specific, rather it can be experienced by men and women of all ages, although chances of its occurrence increase with age.

These problems occur due to hormonal changes, physical medical conditions, diabetes, menopause, pregnancy, anxiety, depression or other trauma


• Pregnancy
• Surgery
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Menopause
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Other trauma


• Lack or absence of desire
• Arousal disorder
• Orgasmic disorder
• Pain disorder

At CosmeSurge, we offer range of treatments for women intimate well-being which will enhance your experience.

Laser Rejuvenation:

A non-surgical laser treatments to enhance new blood flow and healthy tissue growth. It also improves urinary incontinence symptoms. No downtime, no pain and immediate results.
RF Rejuvenation: It is a nonsurgical treatment that focuses on rebuilding collagen fibers on a cellular level using low-temperature heat generated by radiofrequency energy. While tightness is increased, sensitivity is simultaneously addressed, and you can restore your marital happiness. No anesthesia, no pain, virtually no downtime and the treatment is completed in 30 minutes

O Shot & G Shot:

O-spot enhancement helps to regenerate the vaginal and clitoral tissue to increase and improve the ability to have an enhanced intimate relationship
G-spot enhancement is a procedure intended to increase pleasure through enhancing sensitivity and stimulation

Both procedures take little time and no special preparation is required. These procedures are done in a simple, non-surgical and outpatient setting


In vaginismus, a woman’s intimate muscles contract involuntarily in response to physical contact in the area. Often vaginismus sufferers find it impossible even to use tampons. This rejuvenation treatment works on vaginismus by relaxing the spastic intimate muscles that are obstructing penetration