Age is just a number

What is the Anti-Aging Program?

Anti-Aging Medicine has recently emerged and expanded very quickly. Today, and in the near future, both Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine will offer better wellness with aesthetic treatments for skin aging and anti-aging treatments in general, all under one umbrella, called the Anti-Aging Program.

Who needs it?
As our lifespans increase, people today are not only asking about aesthetic procedures; they are also asking for a way to stay in good physical condition.

Anti-aging program at CosmeSurge

CosmeSurge introduces a holistic approach to Anti-Aging Medicine, the medical-surgical practice that applies the necessary techniques to restore, maintain and promote the well-being, health and aesthetic appearance of the patients based on three main pillars:

• Integrative Medicine
• Men and Women Sexual Wellbeing
• Aesthetic Anti-Aging Services


Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine (IM) is healing-oriented medicine that looks at you as a whole person, including all aspects of your lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between our practitioners and you, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies.


Aesthetic Women

When it comes to aesthetic service, we offer the holistic approach, which includes


Women wellbeing

Intimacy dysfunction is a set of problems hindering the engagement of a person into intimate activities leading to dissatisfaction as well as personal and relationship distress.