Porcelain Inlays


Porcelain inlays are restorations that strengthen your teeth and protect them from further damage. If you have never tried cosmetic dentistry, replacing old fillings with inlays made of beautiful and functional dental porcelain is a great way to get started on the road to improving the appearance of your smile.

For large cavities that leave your tooth with very little healthy tissue, porcelain inlays provide you with a more effective restoration. They are very durable and strengthen your remaining tooth structure when they are bonded into your tooth.

In most cases, a porcelain inlay allows a restored tooth to bear 50 to 70 percent more chewing force.
Inlays are less expensive than replacing the entire exterior of a tooth with a crown. Also, compared to crowns, an inlay on the tooth is a less intrusive procedure and can be completed in less time. Inlays also preserves more of the natural structure of your tooth.