Laser Liposuction


The AccuLift Laser has a wavelength of 1,444nm and it is very effective at liquidating fat prior to suctioning it from the body. The treatment has the additional advantage of tightening the skin, thereby minimising the potential of sagging skin after liposuction. The post-operation pain is minimal, and the recovery time is two to three days.

If you’re looking for a Laser Liposuction treatment to improve your appearance and boost your confidence, visit one of our clinics. We have pioneered this treatment in the Middle East and our trained surgeons have done hundreds of procedures.


If you are not too overweight for Liposuction, laser assistance will help a great deal and you will experience enhanced results.  The AccuLift Laser is the most effective laser for liposuction of the chin, jawline, arms and inner thighs.