Dr. Manar Elazizi

I am a Board-Certified Dermatologist and anti-aging practitioner based in Dubai with 25+ years of experience. My specialties are cosmetic and medical dermatology. My aim is to enhance my patient’s natural beauty using the latest medical technology to help them unearth the best versions of themselves, at every age.
Combining my knowledge of the latest skincare, injectables, and lasers with my artistic bent of mind, I focus on identifying each patient’s unique features and strive to improve their individual look.
I specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the skin, hair, scalp, and nails, and performing cosmetic procedures.
I have established my unique approach towards non-surgical face lifting using threads and fillers, the results are loved by my patients.
My goal for every patient is to help them regain their fresh and rejuvenated look with the healthiest skin.

Dr. Nada Mohty Saksouk

I completed my Doctor of Medicine in 1985 from St. Joseph Medical School, Lebanon, and then completed Diploma of Specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1987 from the Nantes University Medical School, France. I obtained Specialized Ultrasonography Certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1991 from the University of Paris V, France.
Post completion of my studies, I started my career in Dubai with Fertility & Women Health Center, which was the first infertility clinic in the UAE then moved to Abu Dhabi and worked with some of the well-known organizations before joining CosmeSurge.
I specialize in fertility treatment (IO, IUI and IVF) and the various use of obstetrical and gynecological ultrasonography. I have over 30 years’ experience treating common gynaecological and obstetric illnesses. As an expert in Gynaecology, my aim is to achieve the best results, bring happiness and build confidence in my patients.

Dr. Luay HAjjar

Dr. Luay Hajjar

I have over 29 years of experience in General and Laparoscopic surgery in addition to advanced minimally invasive proctology and varicose veins treatment. I started my practice in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia before relocating to UAE since 2013.
I specialize in performing surgeries involving endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, colon, appendix or gallbladder removals, colonoscopies, thyroidectomies, and bariatric surgeries.
My objective has always been to keep my patients and health and interest as a priority and provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Dr. Manal Al kadri

Dr. Manal Al kadri

Becoming a dermatologist has been my childhood dream and completing my Degree in General Medicine from Damascus University, Syria in 2005 has been the first step towards fulfilling it.
Consequently I obtained my Master’s Degree, specialising in Dermatology and Skin Diseases in 2011.
I joined CosmeSurge in 2013 as Specialist Dermatology and Medical Director and now have more than 15 years’ experience in Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetics Medicine.
My areas of specialties include Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, with a keen interest in Botox and Fillers, Face and Neck Lifting. I have also acquired expertise in all the cosmetic procedures such as Thermage, Mesotherapy, Advanced Face Lifting, Skin Tightening and much more.
Being passionate about my profession I try to keep myself updated so that my patients receive nothing but the best results possible.

Dr. Sabet Salahia

Dr. Sabet Salahia

As a Plastic Surgeon, I specialise in all types of breast reconstruction surgeries, body contouring, surgical and non-surgical solutions for face and massive weight loss patient management. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, I have worked as Medical Director at the Royale Doctors Polyclinic and was also a lecturer at Dubai Medical College from 2000-2002.
Apart from being an active member of renowned associations like International Faculty for the American Aesthetic Association, I have attended various conferences across the World like WEM International Conference by Sinclair – Barcelona, Spain and more to further augment my knowledge and proficiency.
Having acquired a diversified skillset and am committed to applying careful and precise medical/surgical methods to assist both the public and professionals and ensuring that they achieve the desired results.

Dr. Roger Batrouni

Dr. Roger Batrouni

I am a Specialist General Surgeon with extensive years of experience. For 13 years, I practised General Surgery in Lebanon and performed multiple Abdominal, Endocrine and Breast Surgeries.
Apart from being the first surgeons to perform Bariatric Surgeries by Laparoscopy, I also gained unique experience by performing Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy for Hyperdrosis.
I use the latest techniques to perform multiple surgeries like Gastric Band, Mini-gastric By-pass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Hernia Repair. I also achieved many awards and accolades presented most recognisably by the Emirates Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgery, Lebanese Order of Physicians and Lebanese Society of General Surgery.

Dr. Gabriel Akram Saab - Specialist Plastic surgeon

Dr. Gabriel Akram Saab

With over 27 years of experience and completing over 10,000 procedures, I have gained immense expertise in cosmetic, aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeries.
As one of the most renowned and skilled Plastic Surgeon specialists in Lebanon. I have been engaged in participating and organising several regional, international, and national conferences, presentations, and meetings globally. I have performed all types of Cosmetic Surgery i.e. Rhinoplasty, Breast Implants and much more in and across Beirut, Lebanon.
I am committed to the application of careful and precise medical/surgical methods and am recognized by both the public and professionals in Lebanon, the Middle East and worldwide for my efforts.

Dr. Fatima Habib

Dr. Fatima Habib

With more than 24 years of experience, I am a UK trained Dermatologist treating both children and adults.
I also received awards and recognitions such as Sheikh Rashid Award for Post Graduate Studies, Chevening Scholarship awarded by the British Government and LIFE TIME achievement award by NMC group.
I have been with Cosmesurge for more than 16 years and have more than 24 years of experience in Clinical Dermatology, treating almost all types of skin diseases. I ensure that my patients get exactly what they crave for and thus achieve the true value for money.

Dr. Catherine Bergeret - Aesthetic surgeon

Dr. Catherine Bergeret

With 25 years’ experience in aesthetic plastic surgery, I am a French board certified plastic surgeon. I specialise in Facial Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Repair of the body after obesity and pregnancies and have operated on over 5000 patients till now.
Associated with the renowned societies of plastic and aesthetic surgery like SOFCPRE, SOCFCEP etc., I am an internationally recognized and frequently invited speaker.
In addition to accomplishing my residency in France, I was chief resident and assistant at the University of Paris V for 3 years. I have gained expertise in the chemical bio-compatibility of fillers and promote a reasonable approach on new fillers.
I strongly believe that there is no such thing as standard plastic surgery, it must be beautiful both according to general criteria and those ideas that are specific to the patient. I am also an advocate of Natural Beauty and ensure that all my patients get the most natural look.

Dr. Afif Kanj - Specialist Plastic surgeon

Dr. Afif Kanj

As an internationally recognised plastic surgery specialist with more than 20 years of experience in aesthetic surgery of body and face, I am committed to excellence in surgical practice, patient care and results.
I have extensive expertise in body contouring, hair transplant procedures, aesthetic breast surgery, liposuction, and breast reduction for men.
As a certified plastic surgery expert from the University of Damascus, Syria – I, joined CosmeSurge in 2002 with the pursuit to explore and advance my skills and have been an integral part of the Group since then.
I have also been actively involved in research and investigations and have dedicated my career to the practice of Aesthetic Surgery to provide cutting-edge solutions that can enhance and transform the lives of many. Offering innovations in surgical and non-surgical procedures, I aim to weave expertise, professionalism and trust while consulting with patients at CosmeSurge.