Regenerative Hair Restoration by Regenera Activa

What is Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa is an advanced and innovative hair growth treatment that utilizes regenerative technology to prevent hair loss and cause healthy hair growth. Regenera Activa enhances on your own ability to yield healthy hair follicles by stimulating areas of your scalp that are affected by hair loss. The technology uses the benefit of regenerative activity of certain cells as well as the growth factors extracted from your healthy scalp cells.

What are the Key Features of Regenera Activa?

Some of the benefits of the Regenera Activa treatment include:

  • The results of the treatment are visible in just one month
  • You require only one session per year to maintain your hair growth.
  • Latest capillary regenerative technology is used to extract “micro-grafts” from your scalp which is used to repair and regenerate healthy scalp tissue.
  • Extremely safe treatment since high biocompatible DNA fragment of your own cells are used with no adverse reaction
  • Clinically approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Ministry of Health (MoH).

When can you Expect Results to be Seen?

Results vary from individual to individual depending upon the genetic factors and age. Microscopically, you can observe a significant reduction of the number of miniaturized hairs within one month and towards the fourth month you can observe changes in number and quality of hair strands with increase in hair density.

How Long do Results Last?

With Regenera Activa, the effect of the treatment last for 2 years. In fact, many patients have had the session only once and still enjoy the achieved results after 2 years.