Body Hair Transplantation

Body Hair Transplantation

What is Body Hair Transplantation?

Body hair transplantation is a technique of transferring hair from hair-bearing parts of your body to other areas. It usually includes transfer of your hair from the:

  • Chest, abdomen, armpits, arms, thighs or pubis to the scalp
  • Beard to the scalp
  • Arms or legs to the beard, moustache or eyebrows

Need for Body Hair Transplantation

Normally, the hair from the side and back of the scalp is used for transplantation. Body hair transplantation is recommended when an individual lacks a suitable donor area in the scalp due to poor hair growth. People with less or no hair in certain areas of their body or suffering from male pattern baldness due to heredity, underlying health conditions, accidents, or surgeries can benefit from body hair transplantation.

Body hair transplantation can help

  • Restore hair in people who have previously had unsuccessful hair transplantation using scalp hair.
  • Increase the volume of the eyebrows, moustache and beard.
  • Hide unpleasant marks or scars on the face.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Body Hair Transplantation?

In order to determine if you are an ideal candidate for body hair transplantation, your doctor will use a special scoring system called Torso Donor Index (TDI), which evaluates 5 key parameters of your donor area which include:

  • The size of the donor area
  • Length of the donor hair
  • Similarity of donor hair with the scalp or facial hair
  • The number of follicular units within 2-3 hair follicles
  • The density of body hair which should be more than 40 FU/cm2

People with a TDI score ≥ 8 are considered ideal candidates for body hair transplantation. You may undergo hair transplantation under certain circumstances if your TDI score is between 5 to 7. People with a TDI score < 4 may not be suitable for this procedure.

What to Consider before Body Hair Transplantation

It is necessary to consider certain limitations of body hair transplantation before undergoing the procedure which include the following:

  • Body hair grows slower than scalp hair. It takes around 1 year for your chest hair to grow about an inch.
  • The number of available donor hair roots may not be sufficient to cover scalp baldness.
  • The colour, thickness and direction of growth of the body hair may not be the same as your scalp hair.
  • The shedding cycle of the transplanted body hair is often more frequent than the scalp hair.
  • Since body hair differs from scalp hair in texture and growth, your doctor may recommend mixing of body hair with that of scalp hair (in case you are not completely bald) for a better look. Straightening and other grooming techniques may also improve results.

Advantages of Body Hair Transplantation with FUE

The various advantages include:

  • Painless procedure
  • Restores hair permanently
  • Natural-looking results

Hair in your beard is most suitable for transplantation on the scalp followed by your chest hair. Other areas such as underarms and pubic hairs may be considered if you have poor availability of beard or chest hair. Hair can even be transferred from the scalp to other parts of the body such as chest, abdomen, axilla and pubis by expert hair specialists depending on your aesthetic needs. Talk to the hair transplantation experts at CosmeSurge for more information.