Balding areas

Balding areas

A regular and most common sign of progressive hair loss is a receding hairline on the human scalp. Starting with a noticeable thinning at the front and the temples genetic balding consistently proceeds to the crown. The process often lasts a lifetime to gradually result in a total balding of the scalp whereas in other types of men some hair will remain until the end of their days.

Most men begin looking into hair transplants for the first time after noticing balding in the crown region – sometimes referred to as the ‘bald spot’ – which is located on the back portion of the scalp and is an area commonly affected by male pattern baldness.

While the crown features prominently on the scalp, it usually is less significant than more visible regions like the hairline and frontal scalp. Balding in the crown, because it’s at the back of the head, can be hidden more easily. Most men find it less discomforting than frontal hair loss, which is why we advise working from the front to the back when it comes to hair restoration.

That being the case, there are three factors which will determine appropriate treatment plan. These are

1.The donor area

Before beginning this process, considering having enough donor area to cover the front is necessary.

2. The size of the crown

Crown size is also significant factor. If the balding area at the crown is bigger than the palm of the hand, completely bald, or if the hair is very fine, results for good coverage from a first surgery, but a second surgery should be expected to increase the density.

3.The hairline and frontal density

Miniaturized hair throughout the frontal area is a sign that this area may need attention in the future. If grafts not needed to lower the hairline, it is best to save them for the priority – the crown. That said, grafts in frontal areas really do give the best outcome so reinforcing the front area (or fill it in later to compensate for progressive loss) must be taken in consideration.

What are the benefits ?

  • Improved Self-Image
  • A Permanent Hair Loss Solution
  • Permanently Eliminates Balding
  • Hair Transplants are Low Maintenance
  • Long-Term Cost Savings