Shahi Tajour

Semi-permanent makeup

Department: Semi-permanent makeup
Nationality: Syria
Languages: Arabic & English
Location: CosmeSurge Hospital, Jumeirah
Contact: 800 COSME (26763)

  • Eyebrows: Microblading, Semi permanent makeup, shadow, 3D
  • Eyeliner Top & Bottom
  • Lip Line Contour
  • Lip blush treatment
  • Areola Darkening / blush treatment
  • Areola Reconstruction
  • Vitiligo Pigmentation
  • Scars, Stretch marks and Skin Camouflage
  • Hair Stimulation and Pigmentation
  • Facial: Peeling, Micro needling,
  • Mesotherapy Hair/Face
  • Ingrown nails
  • Eye dark circle
  • Diploma in Skincare and Aesthetic from Beirut
  • Certified Microblading & Semi-permanent makeup artist from Beirut, China & Dubai

A passionate and skilled beautician with expertise in all areas of beauty treatments especially in eyebrows shaping and Microblading, scars treatment and stretch marks.

She is an expert and enjoys her work in all treatments. Shahi has over 12 years of experience in Syria, and 3 years in UAE. Along with a DHA License from UAE, she holds a Diploma in Skincare and Aesthetic field from Beirut, Microblading, and Semi-Permanent makeup certificates from Beirut, China & Dubai. She also attended and trained in many courses/seminars in China, Lebanon, and UAE.
Shahi is focused in providing beautiful and totally safe permanent cosmetic enhancements at the same time maintaining high quality standard, to ensure that her clients feel comfortable and achieve their desired look.