Dr. Nancy Abdulrazak Dakdouk

Dr. Nancy Abdulrazak Dakdouk

Clinical Dietitian

Department: Clinical Dietitian

Nationality: Syrian

Languages: English, Arabic

Location: Abu Dhabi – Khalifa City A | Abu Dhabi – Al Karamah | Al Ain – Al Jimi

Contact: 800 COSME (26763)

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Upper/Lower Gastrointestinal Tract disorders (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, reflux etc…), Kidney disease, Liver disorders, Gout, Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension
  • Healthy Eating: Children and Adolescents, Athlete, Expecting & Breastfeeding Mums.
  • Providing “talks” and nutrition education sessions for corporate, events and schools
Clinical Expertise
  •       Population scale consultancies on nutrition and one – on – one counseling services.
  •       Information about nutrition and healthy eating.
  •       Special therapeutic diet plan for different chronic disease: diabetes-  high cholesterol – hypertension -heart disease and Celiac disease.
  •       Special and individualized diet plans to treat obesity and underweight.
  •       Nutrition information and special diet plans for pregnancy and lactation.
  •       Nutrition information and special diet plans for digestive disease.
  •       Information about nutrition and healthy eating for kids.
  •       Advanced body composition analyzer
  • 11 years’ experience in the field of clinical dietitian, worked in several private clinic and medical centers.
  • M.S. Human Nutrition and Dietetics -University of Jordan
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science – University of Kalamoon