Carissa Sheila Pilapil

Aesthetician / Body Reshaping

Department: Aesthetics / Body Slimming

Nationality: Filipino

Languages: English, Filipino

Location: Al Ain – Al Jimi

Contact: +971 3 762 0022

  • LPG machine post operation therapy (face, neck & body)
  • LPG machine body slimming sessions (face, neck & body)
  • Male/female facial & peeling – hydra, oxygen, electro mesotherapy
  • Ice wrap body sculpting
  • Shrinking violet weight loss
  • Face and body peeling
  • Bachelor in Communication – Philippines
  • LPG Machine Certified
  • Ice Wrap Machine Certified
  • Shrinking Violet Certified
  • Hydrafacial Certified
  • Oxygen Facial Certified
  • Presso Wrap Machine Certified
  • TCA Peeling Certified
  • Electro Mesofacial Trained

Carissa Sheila Pilapil joined CosmeSurge, Al Ain in 2017 under the Body Slimming Department then joined the Aesthetician/Beautician Department.
She consults with patients with body reshaping needs and offers different kinds of expertise in the area.
Carissa is trained and practice LPG post operation therapy & body slimming programs with ice wrap machine together with presso wrap and shrinking violet sessions.
Carissa Sheila Pilapil performs variety of facials and body peeling for men and women.