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Dr. Houseyin Kandulu

Dr. Houseyin Kandulu

Dr. Houseyin Kandulu

  • Designation: Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • Department: Plastic Surgery
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Languages: English
  • Location: Dubai
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About Me

Dr. Kandulu was born in 1979 in Nicosia, TRNC. After completing his primary and high school education in Cyprus, he received medical education at Trakya University Faculty of Medicine between 1997-2003 and he was entitled to become Medical Doctor. After working as general practitioner for a short period, he completed his specialty training in the field of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Trakya University Faculty of Medicine between 2005-2010 by presenting his microsurgery thesis titled “The Effect of Chitosan in Microvascular Anastomosis Applications with Minimal Suture Technique”. His articles were published in five international refereed journals during the specialty education.
Dr. Kandulu, who has never interrupted his own higher education and has also focused on body surgery, has received higher education in the field of advanced body contouring (Vaser Hi-Def, Vaser Liposuction, Postbariatric Surgery) with the world’s leading surgeons in England, France and Colombia.
Dr. Kandulu established his own private clinic in Istanbul in 2015 and he has been providing special training to his colleagues on advanced body shaping operations and high-volume fat transfer techniques since then. As of 2019, he has been working as an international instructor at ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery).
Dr Kandulu is well known in the industry as International Trainer for HiDef Body contouring surgery which includes advanced liposuction techniques, breast and hip shaping with advanced and fat transfer, jowl and jawline shaping, facial fat injection, breast reduction with fat transfer and tummy tuck with aggressive liposuction and breast augmentation surgeries with breast implants.

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  • 1997-2003 Doctor of Medicine, Trakya University Faculty of Medicine
  • International Vaser Liposuction trainer


  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association
  • European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery

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