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Role of Plastic Surgery in the treatment of breast cancer

  • Oct 15, 2021

The first thing that strikes the mind of a lady when she hears the word Breast Cancer is the significance of her breasts. The very thought of losing either or both the breast in the treatment journey can be an exhaustive one. Breasts are an important part and parcel of a female’s body and she wants to retain them at any cost. But to control the spread of infection and the rapid growth of cancer cells in the body, the experts often advise removal of breasts for a few ladies.

If the treatment procedure requires a Mastectomy, then Breast Reconstruction follows, and several clinics provide the patients with a combo of both procedures. Since breast reconstruction is fast becoming a procedure to be followed after Mastectomy, then the role of a plastic surgeon also becomes inevitable.

What is the role of plastic surgery in the treatment of breast cancer?

Plastic surgeons and breast surgeons often join hands while performing mastectomy because several patients opt for the breast reconstruction treatment right after the Mastectomy which means that the role of plastic surgeon sets in after the breast surgeon’s performance. To determine the best course of treatment, both the surgeons meet and discuss the case jointly and take a decision and further present it to the patient. These are the things that are discussed much ahead of the procedure with the patients.

Plastic surgeons play a pivotal role in reconstructive surgeries in the body and hence they do play an essential role in breast reconstructive treatment as well.
Plastic surgeons who perform breast reconstructive surgeries can change the size of the breasts, reshape them, or reconstruct breasts. During the process of breast reconstruction, the experts create a breast using an artificial implant called implant reconstruction or a flap of tissue from another site or place of the patient’s body and the process is called autologous construction.

Several factors need consideration while selecting the surgery type for breast reconstruction:

  • Type of Mastectomy is the first factor to be considered. Most women opt for breast reconstruction right after Mastectomy because they do not want to feel depressed with the thought of losing the desired body part. Hence, the reconstruction procedure is followed by mastectomy. But some women consider the reconstruction surgery a few months or years after Mastectomy because they want to give rest to their body and do not want to undergo the trauma of dual surgeries simultaneously.
  • The body type of the patients is another important factor that helps the expert determine the timing and need of breast reconstruction.
  • The cancer treatment approach applied by the experts helps the plastic surgeon decide the course of procedure for breast reconstruction.

Most likely, the plastic surgeon will ask the following questions to the patient:

  • Is it important to rebuild breasts for you?
  • Are you fine with living with breasts that can be put on and taken off?
  • Will you feel whole after the implant or reconstruction of your breasts?
  • You may need more than one surgery for breasts reconstruction after mastectomy. Are you OK with it?

If the patients want to opt for free flap surgery or autologous construction, then the surgeon will conduct a few scans to assess the blood vessels in their body parts like the belly to see the feasibility of using the tissue for the reconstruction. Lower abdominal fat and skin is used for tissue reconstruction because it is considered the most congenial site. The rib cage is dissected, and isolation of blood vessels is done.

Plastic surgeons play an important role to help the patients in making the right decision for opting the surgery.

Here are a few interesting facts that the patients should know about breast reconstruction surgery:

  • There is no definite reason for the women to go for the procedure. Some women may consider going under the knife for different reasons other than breast cancer. Some women may want to reduce or increase the size of their breasts. Also, if they have a sagging problem due to age or injury, they may consider the reconstruction of the breasts.
  • Contrary to belief, some women can go home the same day after the surgery, especially if there are no complications. These are possible only if the conditions are congenial. The recovery is good and quick if surgery is performed under the skin and stitches are dissolvable.
  • You can discuss the desired cup and breast size with the surgeon so that the reconstruction can happen accordingly.
  • If anyone breast is affected due to breast cancer, then it can be reconstructed independently of the other. But the other one can be lifted, reduced, or augmented to complement and bring symmetry in size, shape, and position of both the breasts. These are a few elements that are discussed with the patient before the procedure. The plastic surgeon has to consider these points minutely so that perfection of the procedure is achieved.

There are different reasons for the ladies to go for breast reconstruction. The plastic surgeons will discuss the facts with the patients.

CosmeSurge provides the best cosmetic and plastic surgery options. They have a well-planned facility equipped with advanced technology to offer the best surgical options to the patients that can enhance their inner and outer personalities. These surgeries uplift the confidence of the patients. The clinic surgeons believe that plastic surgery is based on three parameters; artistic vision, expert knowledge, and meticulous techniques. The experts are ace professionals who blend human brilliance with technology to produce impressive results.


Breast reconstruction is a personal choice and not a medical urgency for the patient. It is a surgery that can restore and enhance the appearance of a woman’s body after Mastectomy.

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