“If God decided to give women wrinkles, then why not on the sole of their feet?” Elizabeth Taylor


Deep forehead wrinkles, and expression lines derived from squinting will make you look older than your years, or give you the appearance of a frown or scowl. Wrinkles around the mouth, laugh lines and crow’s feet near the eyes are equally problematic…

The Solution
Botox® is the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the world and Dubai today. It has become the most popular treatment for reversing the visible signs of ageing. Botox® injections temporarily weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles. When the muscles are weakened, the skin is smoothed and the wrinkles disappear!

Benefits Of Botox

  •  Delaying planned facial surgery/face lift
  •  Eyebrow lift
  •  Effectively reduces/eliminates crow’s feet
  •  Prevents deep wrinkles in the future

Did you know?

Botox® can also treat:

  • Eyelid twitches
  • Chronic migraines
  • Severe sweating

Essential Information for Botox Treatment

Number of Treatments

                 Once every 4 to 6 months

Length of Procedure

5 minutes – 10 minutes

Side Effects

Mild swelling and/or bruising

Recovery Time