Varicose Veins Removal

Varicose Veins Removal


Laser Vein Removal, varicose veinsEven the shapeliest legs can look less attractive with bumpy blue varicose veins or sprawling spider veins. No one knows for sure what causes spider veins or varicose veins, but it seems to run in some families. Also, trauma to the legs can cause the condition, as can long periods of standing or sitting. Women are more prone to the condition than men.

Those veins can be diminished with today’s advances and technologies. It’s no surprise, then, that vein removal is one of today’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

Depending on the size of your veins I recommend one of three options:

Laser removal for veins as fine as a hair, sclerotherapy with injections for veins that are wider but not palpable and ambulatory phlebectomy with special hooks without scars for veins that are wide like a rope.

Our CosmeSurge® Centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have several lasers that are used for fine veins.

Complications of vein removal

Vein removal procedures are usually safe procedures with infrequent complications. When performed by a qualified physician, these popular procedures can help you achieve a more harmonious look.

To help ensure a successful outcome, the patient should be a good candidate, the physician should be well trained in vein surgery techniques, the surgical facility should be properly equipped and the patient should follow the doctor’s instructions and advice. To minimize complication and reduce the possibility of treatment failure or recurrence, our CosmeSurge® skilled vascular surgeon frequently conducts in-house doppler studies to define the precise anatomy of the veins and does locate the defective valves that are behind the varicosity.

While complications are unusual, you should discuss the risks and possible side effects with your doctor. Complications may include reddish blotches, most of which will disappear in six to twelve months, and discoloration. New spider veins may eventually appear over time. For more advanced cases, or with larger veins, intra-vascular Diode laser ablation may need to be performed. Your physician will also discuss the technique he or she intends to use. In a few cases, a second, minor corrective surgery may need to be performed to achieve the optimal look.

You should have realistic expectations and realize that while most of the change will be apparent within a few weeks; several treatments may need to be done over a period of several weeks to months to achieve the desired results.