Veins Clinic

Veins treatment requires special skills, tools and equipments , many cosmetic and surgical clinics try to offer this service, but the real good results are found in specialized veins centers dedicated entirely to vascular skin conditions, so,  we , at CSEH Group and in compliance with our reluctant pursuit for offering the very best of services to our clients , have elected to combine our efforts with VeinCure Clinic in Dubai( a specialty clinic with distinctively strong and proven records in treating varicose/spider/various venous conditions ) and take this specialized  health service to the next level, in brining all of VeinCure skills and success to all our CosmeSurge centers and Emirates Hospitals in UAE and Oman.

Under the direction of Dr. Sarmad Aji, FACS , a seasoned American board certified surgeon with passion for veins treatment, and his team of VeinCure Specialist surgeons , VeinCure Clinic is opening eight VeinCure branches at our facilities, each one of them is fully equipped, staffed, and administrated by highly trained specialist surgeons who accepted the challenge to dedicate all their practice to these highly specialized services, utilizing state of art laser and non- laser tools to get rid of those unsightly veins on legs , facial red capillaries on the face and many more vascular skin conditions.

The end result is

a “VeinCure Clinic” near you

Wherever you live in the UAE or Oman

VeinCure Clinic is a part of CosmeSurge Emirates Hospital Group and accept most insurances ( except in its JLT branch )

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