Intimate Surgery

Vaginal Tightening

Multiple pregnancies may result in the following:

  • Loss of sexual enjoyment due to excessive loss of tone and loose ligaments
  • Falling /sliding of the womb from its normal position (uterine prolapse)
  • Loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence)

These conditions can be repaired using the newest technical advances in the field. An experienced cosmetic gynecologist can make a tremendous difference in your life performing what is known as “Intimate surgery” an outpatient procedure done in our centers under.


Best Candidates:

Most women seeking vaginal tightening complain of feeling slack or “loose”. They tend to undergo a decline of friction during intercourse resulting in lower levels of sexual satisfaction. Vaginal tightening will increase these lower levels restoring the vaginal tightness similar to your younger days.


Did you know?

Today, doctors are adapting their surgical techniques to deliver what many patients want: enhanced sex. The procedure provides a tighter, more resilient vagina, physiologically optimized for lovemaking. Don’t hesitate to ask your CosmeSurge® physician about the procedure.


Essential Information

Length of Procedure

1 hour

Side Effects

Swelling and bruising

Recovery Time

4-6 weeks


Local anesthesia with IV sedation